Are There Job Opportunities for Certified Dog Trainers?

          We are sometimes asked, “What happens after my graduation?  Will there be job opportunities?”  It’s a viable inquiry when looking into any career.  Your investment in an education can make worlds of difference.

          The answer to this question is multi-faceted.  First,      there are numerous job opportunities among some of the nation’s leading dog trainingBecome a Dog Trainer companies.  These companies sometimes contact Dog Trainer College seeking certified graduates who would be interested in professional employment.  Furthermore, DTC keeps a list on hand of students who have given us permission to share their name and contact information with these companies as job opportunities become available.  We’ll do our part to see you succeed!

          Second, the majority of our courses are geared towards those students who desire to begin their own dog training business upon graduation (we figure one of the reasons why you’re seeking a new career is because you’re tired of working for someone else).  These tips and course materials will empower the graduate to get a firm foot in the door of the business world.  Even though there is competition from other pet trainers, we will help you tip the scales in your favor.

          Third, the sky’s the limit in working dog opportunities.  There is a worldwide demand for professional trainers in the various working dog capacities; i.e, detection dogs, police dogs, service dogs, etc.  Students who enroll in these types of courses will have an increased income potential simply because of their own depth of knowledge and honed skill level.  There are many pet trainers out there; there are fewer trainers who train working dogs, and there are even fewer who can operate on a professional level.  Working dogs have their own special niche.

          Fourth, our classes empower students with practical, hands-on training experience.  This far exceeds ANY online course.  Professional facilities want to know that the person they hire can actually train dogs.  These prospective employers want to see that you have more than head knowledge and theory but that you can also really and truly train a dog from start to finish.  Our courses are designed to instruct, implement, and test (prove) that our students can train dogs.

          So to answer the question…if you play your cards right (like we teach you in class) you will have a very nice chance of “making it” as a professional dog trainer.  Additionally, the US Department of Labor predicts solid income capability until at least 2024.  In fact, during the most recent recession, the pet services industry still continued to see steady growth.

          Yes, the potential is high for those who are willing to invest in a solid education to become the best they can possibly be!

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