Train Protector Dogs with Our Training Course

Service dogs and protector dogs are some of the most important kinds of dogs – not only do they provide companionship to people with serious health problems or safety concerns, but they can also prevent serious injury from occurring to their owners by warning people around them when something dangerous is going on.

Protection DogIf you’ve ever wondered how these dogs learn all their tricks, it’s all thanks to the tireless and talented dog trainers that teach them how to do their jobs. If you love spending time with dogs, and can bond with just about any canine, you might consider becoming a dog trainer – and to take it one step further, a trainer for protector dogs.

Protection training is some of the most complicated type of training that a dog can go through. Successfully training a dog to protect an estate or his or her owner takes a special combination of the right dog trainee and the right trainer. The bond that the trainer and the dog forge throughout their training process is one of trust, respect and understanding. As a protection trainer, you need to be sure that your dog understands completely what is being asked of him or her, and all aspects of the training – from behavioral education to obedience – are incredibly important to their future success.

The goal is to train a dog in the art of controlled aggression. The trainer needs to show the dog how to use his strength, athleticism and instincts to protect their owner, but to rein in those traits when they aren’t needed.

Our program at the Dog Trainer College is taught by experts in the field of dog training. Students will enjoy hands-on experience from day one, with trainers learning first aid, training and scenario training techniques. Trainers will learn how to work with their dog to accomplish a common goal, the concepts and fundamentals of dog training, how a dog “pack” works, the different breeds commonly used as protector dogs, how to choose candidates for the protection training program and much more.

Students at the college also have the benefit of available student lodging for our trainers-in-training on a first-come, first-served basis. The “dorm” offers shared bathrooms, cable and Wi-Fi access. Some private rooms are available, and accommodations can sometimes be made for couples to share a space. We’re also located in a great area with shopping and restaurants nearby for all your off-campus needs.

For more information or to enroll in our protector dog training program, call us today at 812-650-2394.

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