Financial aid is available to our dog trainer students, but – unfortunately – not to dog training clients or those purchasing dogs.

Don’t let the lack of funds steal away your opportunity to embark upon the career you want.  Invest in your future with the financing optioneducation financing via the Tuition Financing Corporation, a national leader in tuition financing.  The student will have an online platform with TFC where account information such as payment due dates, balances, etc. will be accessible.

Financing via TFC …

  • Based in part on credit score
  • Down-payment of 25% is required for on-site courses; 50% is required for online courses.
  • Varying lengths of term:  up to 48 months for on-site courses; up to 12 months for online courses.
  • Competitive rates
  • We reserve the right to revoke certifications for unpaid tuition/fees.
  • Financial aid applications must be received in our office by two weeks before the starting date of the semester applied for.

On-site courses require a minimum down payment of 25% and the balance can be financed for up to 48 months.  Online courses require a minimum down payment of 50% and the balance can be financed for up to 12 months.

We no longer accept payments via the GI Bill.  This is due to the crass incompetence of the VA.  Veterans understand what we’re talking about here.  The financial and paperwork burdens placed upon schools has now reached the intolerable.  We apologize for this inconvenience caused to our veterans – since you won’t get one from the VA.

Contact us for current rates, length of terms, and more information about Student Financial Aid and/or to apply for aid.  Students taking advantage of these options should first fill out the online enrollment application.  Upon acceptance to the College, the Financial Aid application can then be completed.  Once complete, TFC will email the student a copy of the contract to be returned with an electronic signature. Then a credit check is made. Decisions from TFC are typically known within a few days.

**Please note that we do reserve right to revoke trainer certifications for unpaid and/or delinquent student accounts, tuition, and housing fees.  Timely payment in full will reinstate the certification.

Examples of how financing can make your education affordable and managable*:

  • Online Obedience/Behavior course for $68/month*.
  • Scent Detection course with a payment of $75/month*.
  • Obedience/Behavior course with a payment of $89/month*.
  • Cadaver Detection course with a payment of $99/month*.
  • Protection Dog Trainer course with a payment of $109/month*.
  • Police K9 Instructor course with a payment of $109/month*.
  • Service Dog Trainer course with a payment of $195/month*.
  • Master Trainer course with a payment of $297/month*.

*Rates and term will vary according to individual credit score, co-signer (if any), and amount of down payment.