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Personal Protection Dog Training

Conifer Canine provides rock-solid protection for those needing an added layer of security. Working with us means you get so much more than just a great dog! Our person protection dog training options are sure to meet your needs of protection, both at home and abroad.

Start with the Right Dog!

guard dog trainingMany dogs, even from “protection breeds” do not have what it takes to become a solid protection dog. Just because it’s a German Shepherd doesn’t mean it is a protection dog! Starting with the right dog is critical to acquiring your goal of solid personal protection dogs. Special note: Clients who bring a their own dog to us for training may not have the best candidate for the job. (We offer a free evaluation to discern his/her potential) We will take your dog to the highest level of its potential, however purchasing a dog from us is your surest option.)

Our DOGBLOG has helpful advice that, if followed, will enhance your protection dog training experience. We take guard dog training to the next level. Purchasing from us means you get so much more than just a great dog!

Personal Protection Dog Training

Puppy Development Course

protection dog training

There is a vast difference in raising a working puppy and pet dog! This course is crucial to those who are serious about protection dog work. It is designed for those who wish to raise their own puppy for future protection work. Working puppies require drive development and intense socialization before they reach 12 months of age. This course is offered at our facility. We will work with you in bringing out the necessary drives for protection dog work. The course can begin as early as eight weeks of age. The sooner the better! Enroll today and see your pup’s drives blossom.

Development course is $800.

Personal Protection Dog Training – Level 1

Level 1 dogs will be trained in both basic on-leash and advanced off-leash obedience. In most situations they are family-friendly kid-friendly dogs that fit easily into the everyday routine of the home. They can be trained to alert their owners to strange noises and/or a home intrusion. Level 1 dogs are a visual and vocal deterrent to would-be threats with no bitework involved.. Level 1 dogs purchased from us will be raised around children, social with people you choose to socialize with, and good with most other dogs.

Level 1 in-kennel training for your dog is $1600.

Personal Protection Dog Training – Level 2: personal protection dog training

Level 2 dogs typically include Level 1. Level 2 can be customized to meet your particular needs. While social with families, Level 2 dogs are trained to pursue and subdue attackers or home intruders. Their training will include call-offs, releasing on command, and other real-life scenario-based training. Carjacking and Kidnapping deterrent options are available. These dogs can be trained either to work on verbal command or at their own trained discretion, whichever you choose. Free follow-up at our facility is included in this package for as long as you won the dog that we have trained. We can meet at your home for a fair fee. Either will maintain your dog’s training.

Level 2 custom in-kennel training package for your dog is $3600-$4900, depending upon the skills you desire.

Personal Protection Dog Training – Level 3:

Those needing advanced protection – such as Executive Protection – are encouraged to visit our Security Dogs page.

Become a Certified Dog Trainer!

The Dog Trainer College offers a professional class for those desiring to become personal protection dog trainers.  Decoy skills, choosing the right dog, training, equipment and much more is taught.  Click here for more information on this awesome course!

Customer Quotes:

“He’s perfect!”

“You have definitely brought out the best in him!”

“To be honest, we were afraid our dog would be too aggressive to have around our home. But your training has made her a very trustworthy addition to our family.”

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