Conifer Canine provides training of the drug dog, bomb dog, cadaver dogs (HRD), bed bug detection, cancer detection, cell phone detection, contraband food detection, and more. The methods used have proven results. These environmentally stable dogs can be trained to search vehicles, outdoor and area searches, warehouses, schools, residential buildings, and can be customized to meet the particular needs of the client. All of our detection dogs are trained in on-leash basic obedience and off-leash advanced obedience. Detection dogs can sometimes be cross-trained in patrol work or tracking/trailing.

We also offer a first-class handler course designed to produce a handler/dog team which is comfortable working together and prepare them for getting results on the street. We utilize detection dog training methods that yield competent teams.

Purchasing from us means you get so much more than just a great dog!

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Drug Detection Dog Training in Indiana