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Detection Dog Training

Conifer Canine offers competitive pricing for law enforcement and security provider training.

Odor Imprinting: narcotics, explosives, firearms, ammunition, and more.

Handler/supervisor training:  Custom lengths from 2-6 weeks.  We do recommend more than 2 weeks for new handlers.

Patrol dog training:  suspect apprehension, handler protection, tactical operations.

Prices for K9-caliber dogs will depend upon multiple criteria.  We provide top-quality detection dogs!

About Our Detection Dog Training Course

Conifer Canine provides training of the drug dog, bomb dog, cadaver dogs (HRD), bed bug detection, cancer detection, cell phone detection, contraband food detection, and more. The methods used have proven results. These environmentally stable dogs can be trained to search vehicles, outdoor and area searches, warehouses, schools, residential buildings, and can be customized to meet the particular needs of the client. All of our detection dogs are trained in on-leash basic obedience and off-leash advanced obedience. Detection dogs can sometimes be cross-trained in patrol work or tracking/trailing.

We also offer a first-class handler course designed to produce a handler/dog team which is comfortable working together and prepare them for getting results on the street. We utilize detection dog training methods that yield competent teams.

Purchasing from us means you get so much more than just a great dog!

Contact us regarding with your detection dog training questions

Phone # 812-650-2394 or info@conifercanine.com

detection dog training

drug dog training

Detection Dog Training Overview

Drug Dog Training

These dogs can be trained to your needs with either an aggressive alert or passive alert. They can be imprinted on marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth, and their derivatives or other specifications of your agency or department. Our handler courses teach proper search techniques, evidence handling, avoiding liability, and case law involving canine related searches/prosecutions.

Bomb Dog Training

These dogs are trained with the passive alert. They can be imprinted on nitrates, chlorates, PETN, TNT, RDX and their derivative formulations, or according to the specifications of your department or agency. They explosives handler course covers proper search techniques, scent theory, practical lessons, and more.

First-class Handler Training

Handlers going through our Handler School are taught the necessities of sound detection methods, learn the pitfalls to avoid, and become confident in their ability to properly handle a trained detection dog. We offer custom lengths from 2-6 weeks, depending upon the needs of the department/agency and the experience of the handler.  We recommend a minimum of four weeks for beginning handlers.

Cadaver (HRD) Dogs

These dogs are taught how to find human remains odor, alerting, proofing, canine obedience at a distance from the handler, and problem solving. Both land and water theory, record keeping, and much more is included.

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