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Security Dog Training

Conifer Canine Offers World-Class K9 Training for Security Firm Professionals.  We Are A Premier, Full-Service Provider of Training in Conjunction With A Nationally Recognized K9 Handler School

K9 Security Teams are Beneficial To Critical Areas:

  • Special Events
  • Warehouses
  • Churches
  • Power Plants
  • Universities
  • Airports
  • Borders
  • Executive Protection
  • Commercial/Construction Security
  • And More….



About Our Security Dog Training Course

Why Have A Professionally Trained
Security Dog or Guard Dog?

An Investment In Canine Security Is An Integral Part Of A Holistic Security Strategy.

Uses Of A Trained Security K9 Team May Be:

  • Protecting executives or others needing an additional layer of security
  • Clearing an area of potential explosives or other contraband, including firearms
  • Used merely as a psychological deterrent to crime, even as crowd control
  • Sporting or other events where another level of defense will help to deter crime
  • Respond to active shooter situations and neutralize the threat
  • Legal deployments and successful engagements of a suspect
  • Crime prevention at warehouses, construction sites, etc

Global challenges in today’s world are constantly changing and seemingly increasing.  Utilization of security dogs represents an asset to security personnel which is non-lethal and very cost effective.  Using his amazing nose and keen sense of hearing, the dog can sniff out contraband, locate suspects, and also be a psychological deterrent by their presence at the scene of potential conflict.  If needed, the K9s speed and agility is helpful in pursuing fleeing suspects, without the use of deadly force.  Today’s security needs are constantly changing.  Keep up-to-date with a highly trained and maintained canine team!

Contact us to discuss your the particular needs of your institution/agency.  We can help your team to “think outside the box” in preparing for real-time security needs.  We can train the security dog and offer a K9 handler school to train the handler and any support staff with progressive, forward-thinking methods.  Security teams can be certified by Conifer Canine, which can aid in court testimony.  We offer some of the highest certification standards available.  Free annual re-certifications are included with any dog team that we train.  Conifer Canine is recognized by (endorsement not implied) the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.  Check out available dogs here.

K-9 Handler School

We offer first-class K-9 handler training courses for first-time handlers and/or experienced handlers who may need a refresher or update on new methods.  It is also a solid option for security supervisors and administrators.  Our K-9 handler school showcases effective detection methods, pitfalls to avoid, and development of confidence as a K-9 team.  These courses vary in length according to the training needs of your agency, typically two to six weeks. We do recommend more than 2 weeks for new handlers and new K-9 supervisors.  Lodging is available for those outside the immediate area.  Conifer Canine is recognized by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy as a Training Provider for officers and support personnel.

Follow-up Training & Re-certs for Security Dog, Police/Military Dog & Guard Dog Handlers

We offer bi-weekly security dog in-service training venues and some of the toughest certification standards available. Both are geared to maintain effectiveness and preparedness in the event the dog team is deployed. We offer free annual re-certifications for the K-9 teams we train. Conifer Canine is recognized by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy as a Training Provider for officers and support personnel.


bomb dog training

security dog training

Explosive Detection Dogs For Police and Military Personnel

The security needs of our world are constantly changing.  The bomb dog is a vital asset to the security needs of our day.  Effective EDD teams are becoming more and more necessary.  Our professional experience in training EDDs will be invaluable to your security team.  We understand the need for a thorough training program which produces a reliable security dog.  We provide realistic training that teaches both the dog and the handler how to act and react as a reliable K9 team.  Handler training is available – for beginner or experienced handlers.

Narcotics Detection Dogs For Police & Border Inspection

Your canine team can be trained in effective drug dog training and drug interdiction training, unique to the needs of your agency. We train both dogs and the handler in proper techniques for solid engagements in a real-world setting. Detection-only dogs can also be GSDs, Mals, or other breeds exhibiting the needed drives for the work at hand.  Some of these can be trained in tracking as well.

Handler Protection, Guard Dogs & Suspect Apprehension

If desired, we can train security dogs to aid in suspect apprehension and/or handler protection.  These dogs may help to stop a security breach from developing and reduce the number of injuries/casualties in the event of an attack or intrusion. The security dog also gives the handler an added layer of protection. The courts have established that a K9 team is a legal means of using non-lethal force.

Guard dogs need not be “man-eaters.” We certify only dogs that exhibit a balanced and stable temperament that are neither looking to pick a fight nor running from a fight if his services are called upon.

Why Choose Conifer K9?

Highest Performance Standards

We offer some of the highest performance standards in the industry. The security/guard dog can be trained in both on-leash and off-leash obedience for reliability on the street and control by the handler. Guard dogs should generally have balanced drives that are environmentally sound and mentally stable. The guard dog can be trained in suspect apprehension, handler protection, building searches, area searches, drug or explosives detection, and tracking/trailing. We offer both domestic and imported prospects. Check out available dogs here.  Free annual re-certifications are included as well as available On-site delivery.

Canine Qualifications

Our dogs will have stable temperaments, mentally prepared for the job at hand, be current on vaccinations, hips/elbows dysplaysia-free, and be in general good health. Both domestic and/or European imports are available.

With Us Means You Will Get So Much More Than Just A Great Dog!

police dog training

Contact us to discuss the needs of your agency. We recognize that each security team and institution has it’s own concerns and needs.  We can help to formulate a custom plan that will facilitate your security needs.

Just starting a new K9 team? We can help! We can aid your agency with policy writing, importing a dog (if needed), dog and handler selection, and constructing a strong K9 unit from the ground up. We offer consultation for serious inquiries into our services. Likewise, we can meet in person with those who are serious about purchasing from us or training with us. We can train your K9 staff as well!

Security Dog Training Makes A Powerful Addition To Security Teams

  • Working with Conifer Canine means you get so much more than a great dog!
  • Custom security dog training and on-site delivery of the canine is available to meet the needs of your institution/agency.
  • Sales of quality working dogs, untrained or fully trained dogs, domestic or imports.
  • training of your handlers, supervisors, your on-staff trainer, and support personnel
  • proven methods to reduce litigation and emphasize legal deployments
  • lifetime follow-up for the teams we train
  • some of the highest training standards in the industry
  • consultation of selecting the right handler
  • certification for K9 teams, including free annual re-certs for the teams we train

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