An Investment In Canine Security Is An Integral Part Of A Holistic Security Strategy.

In a world where increased security and high standards of training/certification are a must, Conifer Canine is here! We supply law enforcement and security professionals with reliable working dogs, a premier handler school, training for K9 personnel, and training for K9 trainers. To meet the demands of an ever-changing society, our methods, deployments, and training are up-to-date and forward-thinking. Need a security dog? Bomb dog? Drug dog? Apprehension dog? No problem! Whether you are beginning a new K9 team or strengthening an existing one, we can help! Contact us to schedule a consultation about the needs of your department/agency.


Need some more training opportunities for your team?  Conifer Canine hosts a weekly training event for apprehension dog team.  Click here for more details.

Uses Of A Trained Security K9 Team May Be:

  • Protecting executives or others needing an additional layer of security
  • Clearing an area of potential explosives or other contraband, including firearms
  • Used merely as a psychological deterrent to crime
  • Sporting or other events where another level of defense will help to deter crime
  • Respond to active shooter situations and neutralize the threat
  • Legal deployments and successful engagements of a suspect
  • Crime prevention at warehouses, construction sites, etc
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