For those who dream of working with dogs as their career, the Dog Trainer College offers canine behavior and dog training courses in Indiana and beyond to help you rise to the top of your field. Whether you desire to start or expand a business as a professional dog trainer or you want to pursue a career or business in veterinary medicine, grooming, boarding or other fields, dog training will be an invaluable asset throughout your pursuits.

Students will learn many methods and techniques to train for basic and advanced obedience training, behavior modification, and particular skills such as foundational knowledge in canine anatomy, kennel management and – in some courses – business start-up, marketing, and website development.

At the Dog Trainer College you won’t just learn about dogs, you will work hands-on with different breeds and use your skills on the field working with expert trainers/instructors. Upon graduation, you will be a certified dog trainer with all the skills you will need to deal with different breeds, bloodlines, personalities, backgrounds and behaviors of most any dog.

Become an expert in your dream career at the Dog Trainer College of Indiana. Call today for more information and/or apply online to get started.