Student Lodging

If you’re more than a short drive from the College, don’t sweat it!  Lodging space is available.

  • Dormitory-style, bunk beds.
  • First-come, first-served basis
  • $200 damage deposit required
  • Most are shared rooms, shared bath.
  • Arrangements can sometimes be made for couplesStudent Lodging
  • Lodging is $200/week. Private room (if available) is $300/week.
  • Students must provide own meals.  A full kitchen is available
  • Lodging must be paid in full on the first day of class
  • Bring your own bedding for a twin bed (sheets, pillow, blankets) and linens (towels, wash cloth, etc)
  • Students will be responsible for damages
  • House-trained dogs (up to two) can lodge with the student.  Space is usually available at our kennel if you choose to house a dog there.
  • Restaurants & shopping nearby
  • Rooms must be left clean and in good repair.
  • A washer and dryer is available for lodgers.

Distance need not be a distraction from the Dog Trainer College. Perfect for long-distance students and international students!

Lodging is located in Spencer, IN, a 10-minute drive from our College “campus.”

Other housing options

Travel trailer.  Hickory Hills campground, a 10 minute drive from DTC, is a beautiful country setting which several students have utilized.  They have some outstanding positive raves.  It’s remote, quiet, relaxing, and students who have stayed there say it is a very nice side-benefit of attending school here.

AirBnB has several houses in the area as well.

Rental cabins are available at Hickory Hills campground.

We have also worked out a weekly and/or monthly rate with several motels in the area, ranging from 10-20 minutes away from the school.