We offer dog trainer courses that will teach you how to become a Certified dog trainer. You can start the process today by registering for our dog trainer courses! In these classes, students learn about all aspects of canine behavior, discover various training methods, are warned about harmful myths, and gain hands-on experience in properly and humanely training dogs. By the time our students become alumni, they are fully prepared to embark upon exciting careers in the dog training field.

Each one of the courses at the Dog Trainer College will lift the student to level much higher than the majority of other so-called trainers out there. Alumni are specialists in their field – whether it be clicker training a shih-tzu, fine-tuning the competition heel to a laekenois, or correctly reading a dog’s alert to a target odor. Students who make an effort will not be disappointed.

Call today to speak with a Dog Trainer College representative. We look forward to having you as part of an upcoming graduating class. Seize this grand opportunity today!