Service Dog Trainer Online Course

Learn how to train service dogs online! This first-of-its kind course immerses the student in the various aspects of service dog training: medical alerts, seizure assistance and alerts, PTSD, mobility assistance, hearing alert dogs, autism assistance, the American with Disabilities Act, public access training, therapy dogs, and more! All you need to know to train most any kind of service dog except seeing-eye dogs.

The tuition is $3000.

This brand-new course is now available!

Prerequisites for the course: complete the Behavior/Obedience course (online or in person). The Behavior/Obedience course can be completed in as little as 6 weeks but access is granted for up to a year, so long as payment agreements are current.

become a service dog trainer

Course requirements for graduation: complete all course material and homework assignments, send a video to your instructor of your dog/s completing service dog tasks. The final grade will be determined by this video. Graduates are certified as a Service Dog Trainer.

Students are encouraged to also attend on-site (for up to a week) at our training center during an ongoing service dog trainer course…at no extra charge! This will aid in the hands-on aspect of dog training. Be advised that there are prerequisites for your visit.  The visit is designed to be towards the end of the course.  Therefore, at the time of your visit, you and your dog will need to be on cold trails and the task training should be rather solid. Your visit will help to expand the skills of both you and your dog.  If you are not far enough along in by one of these dates, you must wait until the next available date.

Financing is available via the Tuition Finance Corporation. 50% of the tuition must be paid to the school as a down-payment. Depending upon credit score and other criteria, a monthly payment can be as low as $67/month. Students have up to 24 months to pay in full.* Student must first apply to the school (check yes on the application when asked if financing is needed). Upon acceptance, the school will initiate the contract via TFC.

Please note that once your course account is set up, there will be no refunds.

Course Outline

Introduction to Service Dogs

Selection of Service Dogs



Service Dog Equipment

Working with Disabled Handlers

Application Process

Delivering the Service Dog

Handler & Family Training

The Trailing Dog

Scent Theory

Variable Surface Trailing

Scent Discrimination Trailing

Problem Solving

Americans with Disabilities Act

Public Access



Service Dogs

Puppy Program

Signal Dogs

Mobility Dogs

Autism Assistance

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder assistance

Traumatic Brain Injury assistance

Military Sexual Trauma assistance

Seizure alert and assistance

Service Dog Etiquette

Environmental Stability

Puppy Conditioning

Public Settings Schools and Workplace