How Service Dogs Enhance the Lives of Their Owners

Service dogs are more than just pets; they’re specially trained companions that can significantly enhance the quality of life for their owners. From providing physical assistance to offering mental health support, the role of service dogs is as diverse as it is vital. The Impact on Physical Health Service dogs are trained to perform a… Read more »

How to Know if Dog Training is the Right Career for You

Dog training can be an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable career. There are a variety of angles you can take. You could become an obedience trainer, a trainer of police and security dogs, a service dog trainer, or do it all as a master dog trainer. Building up a good reputation will help you build a… Read more »

The Positive Impacts Obedience Trainers Have on Dogs and Owners

If you’re new to dog ownership or you’re considering getting a puppy, you may be wondering if obedience training is right for your animal. And if you’re considering becoming an obedience trainer, you may be wondering what good your work will do. Well, obedience training comes with a whole host of benefits for both dogs… Read more »

The Important Work You Enable as a Master Dog Trainer

Becoming a Master Dog Trainer takes quite a bit of time, patience, effort, and financial investment. It’s more difficult and involves more rigorous coursework than just specializing in one specific area of dog training. But it’s worth it in the end and not just because you have a great ability to earn income. Master Dog… Read more »

Three Goals that we have for our Graduates

When the staff at Conifer Canine got together to create the Dog Trainer College, we had very clear goals in mind.  We wanted to produce graduates that not only know what they are doing as trainers but also excel in their skills.  Our dog trainer courses revolve around providing three necessities for becoming a well-rounded,… Read more »

The Vital Work of Police Dogs

Police Departments have used dogs in various capacities dating back hundreds of years. In recent years, the role of these dogs – also known as K9s – has become more clearly defined in police departments across the United States and world. Most police dogs come from the same few breeds that have consistently possessed the… Read more »

Why a Personal Protection Dog?

Protection dogs use their keen sense of smell, acute hearing, and (it seems in many cases) a sixth sense of intuition, to keep their owners safe 24/7/365.  Nothing else compares!    As good as other means of personal protection are, they are limited: Protection dogs give the widest path of warning and therefore give the… Read more »

Dog Training Seminars and Workshops

Conifer Canine offers some very unique dog-related seminars and workshops.  These are not your run-of-the-mill dog training seminars rehashing boring outdated information.  Our seminars are very relevant, progressive, focused, and aim for the top notch in dog training material.  Check out the dates and admission (occasionally some are free) on our Upcoming Events page. Most… Read more »

Benefits of Online Dog Trainer Courses

So much has changed about how we live our lives in the past few years. One of the major changes has been the ability to do so many more things virtually than we had in the past. School, work, and many other things can be down from the comfort of our own homes. Dog training… Read more »

What to Do Before Becoming a Certified Dog Trainer

Becoming a certified dog trainer seems like the perfect job for so many canine lovers. But just because you are a lover of animals does not mean you will enjoy being a dog trainer or thrive at it. Still, many others will succeed if they choose to take that path. It takes a lot of… Read more »