Why Security Dog Training is Vital Work

Everyone is likely familiar with K9 officers, better known as police dogs. These highly trained animals assist police with a variety of tasks and are used by departments across the country. However, are you also aware that security firms use dogs for similar functions? There are thousands of security dogs across the country that do… Read more »

The Benefits to Becoming an Obedience Dog Trainer

Some people are meant to work with animals more than their fellow humans. There are a lot of jobs that offer you the chance to work with animals, dogs in particular. But few of those jobs offer you the kind of benefits you’ll get as an obedience trainer. Here are some of the benefits to… Read more »

The Fast-Growing Dog Trainer Job Market

For those who love canines, becoming a dog trainer may seem like fulfilling a lifelong dream: spending all day with the creatures they love while also providing a valuable service to both the animal and its owner. But like with any potential profession, prospective dog handlers may wonder what their job prospects are like. There’s… Read more »

The Importance of Service Dogs and Those Who Train Them

The use of service dogs in America has increased over the years as our understanding of their utility evolves and the benefits they provide become clearer. Currently, there are estimated to be more than half a million of these dogs working in the United States, helping those who are suffering from a variety of ailments… Read more »

What Makes a Good Dog Trainer?

It almost goes without saying that being a dog trainer is a very cool job. You get the satisfaction of helping people and animals and get to spend your days working with the best clients of all: dogs. While the job may appeal to a lot of people, it’s not for everyone. There are certain… Read more »

Benefits to Becoming a Master Dog Trainer

If you’re considering getting into the field of dog training, you may be interested in just one specialty at first. After a few years, however, you may want to add more skills, which will require more training. Instead, consider becoming a master dog trainer at the outset of your career to save time, learn more… Read more »

Will I be Able to Train Dogs after I take a Trainer Course

Occasionally someone will ask, “Will I be able to train dogs after I take a trainer course?” We know the vast amount of effort and material that is put into our dog trainer courses, so we want to give a resounding, “Yes.” Yet, the adage sneaks into the equation.  “You can lead a horse to… Read more »

The Important Bond Between a Police Dog and Handler

Police have used dogs to assist in investigative work in ways humans cannot for hundreds of years. While modern K9 units have come a long way from their roots in medieval Europe, the bond between dog and handler has remained crucially important. If there isn’t a mutual trust between the two, the duo will not… Read more »

How to Greet a Strange Dog

Americans are notoriously stupid when it comes to greeting a strange dog.  We do all the wrong things and then blame the dog when she reacts in an unfriendly manner.  Many bites could easily be avoided.  But it’s the dog who gets the blame, is labeled as aggressive, and may end up dying to compensate… Read more »