How to Greet a Strange Dog

Americans are notoriously stupid when it comes to greeting a strange dog.  We do all the wrong things and then blame the dog when she reacts in an unfriendly manner.  Many bites could easily be avoided.  But it’s the dog who gets the blame, is labeled as aggressive, and may end up dying to compensate… Read more »

The Importance of Human Leadership with a Dog

Nothing about dog training is automatic.  Some people are of the mistaken mindset that domestic dogs can simply perform as we want them to without any responsibility or direction on our part.  This mindset is a farce! A dog’s behavior is nearly always a reflection of his human.  If the human permits sloppiness in the… Read more »

A Very Brief History of the German Shepherd Dog

The history of the German Shepherd is the most detailed and documented breed in the world.  It will be impossible to include all of that information is this one blog article.  However, we’ll look at some of the highlights. The breed originated in the mind of Captain Max Emil Frederick von Stephanitz, a German cavalry… Read more »

3 Reasons to Join a Protection Dog Trainer Program

Protection dogs are extremely important as they are trained to protect people and property from dangerous situations that may arise. While they certainly can provide companionship like other dogs, they also have the ability to warn people when something dangerous is about to happen and can act in a way that will help ward off… Read more »

Education Methods Used in our Dog Trainer Courses

A dog trainer course from Dog Trainer College includes several educational methods to have you well prepared for your career. In this course, you will be given all the hands-on training that is necessary to be a well-rounded dog trainer, as well as several other educational methods and training materials. We encourage you to read… Read more »

Job Opportunities for Certified Dog Trainers & Handlers

If you’re considering joining a dog trainer or handler program, you are probably asking yourself “What happens after graduation?” or “Will there be job opportunities?”. While these are valid questions to be asking yourself, you’ll be happy to note there are more than enough jobs available once you complete the program of your choice, and… Read more »

What You’ll Learn in a Cadaver Dog Training Course

A cadaver dog is a working canine who helps law enforcement find dead people in disasters, accidents, murders, or suicides. They specialize in detecting the scent of human decomposition, including bodies that are buried up to 15 feet deep. Dogs have roughly 220 million olfactory receptors in their noses, making their sense of smell about… Read more »

In-Person vs. Online Dog Trainer Courses

If you’re interested in becoming a dog trainer but are unsure if an in-person or online training course is right for you, we invite you to learn a little more about each to see which fits your needs and busy schedule best. Although in-person courses are typically the preferred option because of the hands-on training… Read more »

Becoming a Police K9 Instructor

If you are interested in becoming a police K9 instructor but are unsure where to begin, we suggest you learn more about the police K9 instructor course from Dog Trainer College. This course will teach you the proper techniques for training both police dogs and their handlers and will give you specialized skills for training… Read more »

Choosing the Right Dog Training Course

If you’re interested in becoming a professional dog trainer and are having a tough time figuring out which dog training course is right for you, there are several popular programs that our students have enjoyed and gained professional careers from. Three of our more popular courses are behavior and obedience training, master training and police… Read more »