A School for Dog Trainers & Their Dogs!

International Students

International students are always welcome at the College.  There are exciting opportunities for dog trainers in many countries of the world.  Excel in your sphere by receiving a quality education from the Dog Trainer College.

  • Single students or larger groups of trainers
  • Lodging available.  Of course, students can arrange for their own lodging elsewhere, if desired.
  • All courses are taught in the English languageInternational School for Dog Trainers
  • Letters of invitation are provided, if needed, once you have confirmed a spot in the school via accepted application and application fee.
  • Multiple courses can be arranged for those staying for a longer period of time
  • Lodging is available. We are happy to lodge international students 2-3 days prior to the course to recover from “jet lag”
  • We can provide transportation to and from IND airport. Check your airline prior to flight if you plan to travel with a dog
  • Tuition and all fees are to be paid in USD.

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