Student Evaluations

One of the strengths of the Dog Trainer College is our growing list successful graduates.  Here is a snapshot of what they have had to say about DTC:

  • “I am where I am today because of the Dog Trainer College!”
  • “I am writing to say ‘Thank You’ for all you have done for me.  I’ve been in business for almost 2 years.  I’m scheduled out six months in advance.  Thanks for giving me the knowledge to succeed!”
  • “The course was far more thorough than I ever imagined it would be.”
  • “This place is not what I thought it would be.  It’s BETTER!” (Drew from Michigan)
  • “My dog training business is growing by leaps and bounds.  I couldn’t have done it without you!”
  • “The program is very solid, well-rounded, and thorough. The classes were never boring. The hands-on learning was tops! It was worth every dollar of the tuition – and more!”
  • “I’ve researched thirteen different schools before choosing the Dog Trainer College.” (Texas graduate)
  • “The pricing was good, especially considering the quality education that I received.”
  • “The instructors took the time to answer my questions.”
  • “Thank you for operating your dog trainer school…  I have gotten two raises and am about to be made head trainer.  It is mind blowing how much more information and solutions to problems I have compared to the other trainers.  Thank you again!” (Michigan graduate)
  • “I’ve ‘trained’ dogs before – the wrong way. This course helped me to do things far better, to make a better dog.”
  • “I thought I knew dogs, but I learned far more since coming here.”
  • “There were so many things covered in the course that most people wouldn’t even think of.”
  • “The classes enabled me to ‘hit the ground running’ upon graduation.  DTC has helped me to expand my knowledge and build my business.”
  • “Thanks for the individual instruction. I appreciated the smaller class size.”
  • “I owe all my success to DTC!”
  • “The quality of instructors was awesome!”
  • “When I tell people that I’m a student at the Dog Trainer College, their eyes light up and they want to hire me as their trainer.  The College has quite a positive reputation!”
  • “You guys took the time to explain what a student is supposed to do.  You didn’t holler at me when I screwed up.  You guys are awesome!”
  • “The Dog Trainer College thoroughly equips each student with proven canine techniques and also the aspects of starting your own business.  It is obvious that Instructor Tim knows his stuff in the dog training world, whether it be by advising a student how to adjust his/her training for the individual dog or by giving lectures on the practical aspects of running a business – like where and how to advertise to get the most clientele.  Tim works for his students and does all he can to set them up for success.  Training at the Dog Trainer College is real!  Relevant lectures are given, then the students are sent out to apply what was learned, which cements the information in the students’ minds.  Throughout the course, successes are prevailing and evident in the dogs you work with, showing that the school’s dog training works.  I’ve seen it in my own dog!  If you’re looking for the real-deal dog training school that provides vast quantities of canine training techniques and all the information needed for starting and running your own successful business, I highly recommend attending the Dog Trainer College.” (Katherine from Iowa)
  • “I am absolutely challenged and most days my brain hurts.”
  • “My mom and I went to visit the school.  I knew I wanted to attend there by I was afraid that it was a gimmick.  The winding road to the school scared me as I was afraid that it was a little sketchy.  But once we pulled into the driveway, I felt relieved.  It was beautiful!  The setup was amazing and we could see the students working with the dogs on the training field.   Just as I thought I was convinced to attend, we talked with the lead Instructor, Tim Miller, who convinced me even more.  I knew this was no gimmick.  He knew what he was talking about.  He gave us a tour of the campus and I fell in love with the school.”  (Mariah from Indiana)
  • I never felt discouraged at any time during the course, even though I made mistakes.  The Instructors never put us down, even when they were correcting our mistakes. (Jessica, Illinois)
  • Everybody is just so friendly here.  It was a pleasant surprise.
  • It’s amazing the amount of information I’ve learned here.
  • You helped my self-confidence by not putting me down or making me feel stupid when I screw up.
  • Your tuition is very affordable compared to other schools, yet the information covered is far more than what other schools offer.
  • I chose DTC because of the location and because I wanted hands-on training, not just an online course. (Shelly, Indiana)
  • I chose DTC because you offer so much more information than the other guys.  They offer just…basic and average.  Here, we got into very advanced information and training. (Toby, North Carolina)
  • This school is exemplary.  It is comprised of professionals who really know what they are doing with dogs.  To top it off, they are all excellent teachers.    I loved my Behavior/Obedience class and I am going to be returning for the Master Trainer (course) and I couldn’t be more excited! (Kathryn, Indiana)

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A big THANK YOU to all of our students.  We do not take it lightly that you have entrusted us with your future success.  We continue to strive to be the best dog trainer school out there!