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Police Dog Training

Conifer Canine offers competitive pricing for law enforcement and world class dogs and K9 training!  Conifer Canine is a leader in K9 solutions!

Odor Imprinting for scent detection dogs.

Handler/supervisor training.  Custom lengths from 2-6 weeks.  We do recommend more than 2 weeks for new handlers.Police Scout Dog in Indiana

Patrol dog training in suspect apprehension, handler protection, and tactical operations.  Includes advanced obedience.

Tracking/trailing is available.

Prices for K9-caliber dogs will depend upon multiple criteria.  We typically import from Police K9 breeders/trainers in Europe.


The use of a police dog represents a highly cost effective and reliable asset to law enforcement personnel. The police service dog provides a psychological deterrent by their presence at the scene of a potential conflict or disturbance. Pursuit and apprehension of fleeing suspects shapes a capture without the use of deadly force.

K9 Unit Police Dog Training in Indiana Conifer Canine’s police dog training produces capable and reliable K9 teams. We offer some of the highest performance standards in the industry. Your K9 unit will only be as strong as the training it receives. That is why Conifer Canine’s training and certifications are thorough, realistic, and effective.  We encourage K9 teams to strive for excellence.

Police dogs should be trained in both on-leash and off-leash obedience for reliability on the street and control by the handler. Failed obedience become a liability to the department and the general public.  The police dog should generally possess balanced drives that are environmentally sound and mentally stable. K9s can be trained in suspect apprehension, handler protection, building searches, area searches, structural agility, drug or explosives detection, and tracking/trailing. Conifer Canine offers both domestic and imported prospects as well as free annual re-certifications for the dog teams we train.  Our certification standards are some of the highest and most realistic in the country and carry the same weight as national organizations.

Conifer Canine is recognized by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in offering K9 training, K9 handler training, and the training of support personnel (K9 supervisors, etc).

Police Patrol Dogs:

We understand the need for a thorough training program which will produce a reliable police dog in street deployments. We provide realistic police dog training scenarios that teach both the dog and the handler how to act and react as a reliable team. Legal search and seizure issues are taught and trained for.  Integration into SWAT and other engagements can be trained as well. Furthermore, our dogs are not inferior drop-outs who have aggression issues and “will make a good police dog.” They are selected for their all-around ability to perform effectively in the field and on the street.

Single Purpose or Dual Purpose Training:

Your canine partner can be trained as either a drug dog or bomb dog. Target odors can vary according to the requirements of your department and the particular needs for your community.

Dual purpose dogs (those trained in both Patrol and Odor Detection) are typically German Shepherds or Malinois. Other breeds or mixes can be considered, depending upon the needs of the department. We train both dogs and handlers in proper techniques for solid engagements on the street. Detection-only dogs (single purpose) can also be GSDs, Mals, Labs, Retrievers, or other breeds exhibiting the needed drives for the work at hand. Some of these can be trained in tracking as well.

  • Realistic, life-like training and certificationsPolice dog training
  • Optional bi-weekly in-service training
  • Free re-certs at our facility
  • Some of the toughest certification standards available.
  • Training and certification conducted by certified Police K9 instructor

Handler Training

Conifer Canine offers both handler and dog training in the areas of Patrol, Detection, Tracking, and Obedience.  Our handler courses can be customized to meet the needs of your department, depending upon the experience of the handler and the goals of the department, etc.  These classes typically meet from 8am-12pm Mon-Fri for 2-6 weeks.  We recommend a minimum of four weeks’ handler training for beginning handlers.  K9 case law, especially regarding search/seizure and use of force, are examined.

Contact us to discuss the needs of your department.  All of our Police dog training, including in-service training, can be submitted for recognition by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.

K9 Problem Solving workshops

  • At your location or our’s. Contact us to schedule a workshop; typically 2-3 days in length.
  • Teaching a reliable “out”
  • Dealing with false positives and other detection woes
  • Dog won’t engage in a street setting
  • Tactical integrations

police dog k9 training

Conifer Canine is recognized by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (8/1/21) as a Training Provider for law enforcement officers and support personnel. Officers or personnel training with Conifer Canine can submit their training hours as required.

Contact us to discuss the needs of your department. Just starting a new K9 team? We can help! We can aid your department with standard operating procedures, importing a dog (if needed), dog and handler selection, and constructing a strong K9 unit from the ground up. We offer free consultation for serious inquiries into our police dog training services.

Conifer Canine…when only the best will do!

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police dog training
Those interested in professionally training K9s or those who fill the role of K9 supervisors should consider our School for Dog Trainers. Certification can be earned in becoming a Police K9 Instructor, including all aspects of K9 training, such as reduction of liability, case law, training records, and much more!.  This is a 12 week course with classes beginning in March, July, and October.

K9 Officer Quotes regarding our police dog training:

“You did an awesome job with him”

“Another trainer gave us nothing when we picked up our dog; no list of commands, nothing. You took the time to explain the training. It all makes sense now!”

“Your dogs listen better than other K9s I’ve handled.”

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