Police Dog Training

Single Purpose or Dual Purpose Training:

Your canine partner can be trained as a drug dog, bomb dog, firearms detection dog.  Target odors can vary according to the requirements of your department and the particular needs for your community.

police K9 trainer

We train both dogs and handlers in safe and legal techniques for solid engagements on the street.  Some of these can be trained in tracking as well.

  • World-class dogs
  • World-class training
  • Realistic, life-like deployment standards
  • A Premier Handler school:  4 weeks, M-F 9a-4p, $3000.  Scheduling may be adjusted for local teams.
  • Scent Detection:  explosives, narcotics, firearms, and more
  • Tracking/Trailing of suspects, elderly, lost children
  • Suspect apprehension and Handler Protection
  • Optional bi-weekly in-service training
  • Free annual re-certs at our facility
  • Realistic certification standards
  • Tactical operations
  • Advanced obedience, including the “Out.”
  • Training and certification conducted by certified Master Trainer and Police K9 instructor

Police Scout Dog in Indiana

Conifer Canine is recognized by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (8/1/24) as a Training Provider for law enforcement officers and support personnel. Officers or personnel training with Conifer Canine can submit their training hours as required.

We believe that training standards, deployment standards, and certification standards should be constantly evolving to become more realistic and seamlessly integrated on the street.  Many training groups seek to weaken and water down these standards in an attempt to please membership.  Instead, a high standard should be utilized in order to become increasingly safe, operationally practical, and to enhance success in court.

Contact us to discuss the needs of your department. Just starting a new K9 team? We can help! We can aid your department with standard operating procedures, importing a dog (if needed), dog and handler selection, and constructing a strong K9 unit from the first training session to a real-life operational environment.  We offer free consultation for serious inquiries into our police dog training services.  We encourage K-9 teams to strive for excellence.