Students may bring up to two dogs of their own. These dogs can be trained by the student as both progress through the course. Students can take this training as far as they wish during their attendance, to a final “product”, if desired. Those students who do not bring their own dogs need not worry; the College has dogs on hand for student training and for optional purchase. No one will be left standing around mindlessly watching others.

  • Up to two dogs at a time.
  • Dogs need to be at least 8 weeks old.
  • There is no restriction of breed and there is no requirement for the dog/s to be altered.
  • Students will be responsible for the actions of their dogs and any damage caused by their dogs – either to property, other dogs, or humans.
  • This is a splendid opportunity for bonding between trainer and dog, learning together in a constructive atmosphere.
  • All dogs need to be current on all vet-recommended vaccinations, flea and heart-worm prevention, and bring a copy of these records upon registration at the College

The benefits of bringing your own dog may pay for your education, especially for those enrolled in one of our working dog programs. For example, a fully trained detection dog may cost upwards of 7-10 thousand dollars. Our detection course costs less than that! For what you pay for the course, YOU not only receive a superior education but you can leave with a most valuable four-footed asset as well.