Course Materials

The tuition at the Dog Trainer College includes the educational and training materials each student will need to complete the course.  The College provides leashes, collars, and other tools needed to train dogs.

Each student will also receive a notebook filled with pertinent training information.  This will include handouts, note-taking pages, and other material deemed necessary by course instructors.

Students are supplied with the needed books within each course.  These books are to remain the property of the College.  Some of these may be available for purchase by the student for an additional fee.  The selected books for each course will give the student intelligent perspectives in the training field.

Each course involves some lecture time where students are encouraged to pay attention and take notes.  While the lecture time is necessary to establish a solid foundation in training, each course is designed to be largely hands-on.  There is healthy interaction between instructor and students.  These lectures establish a wealthy vein of information from which the student can mine out gems while training dogs.

Videos are also employed in training.  These may include former students, training experiences of the instructor/s, and other helpful classroom material.  These provide the student with a visual example of on-going training.

Each student also receives supervisory training time.  The College understands that in order to become a certified dog trainer, students will need to learn from someone who is experienced.  Instructors point out errors and weak spots (in a healthy atmosphere) as well as suggest better/best ways to do things.  These enable students to implement solid training regimens.

The College has received healthy feedback from students who have utilized the materials that have been selected.  Some have said the lectures were never boring, always engaging, and deeply informative.  The vast majority of students are grateful for the oversight and training suggestions given by instructors.

The bottom line is that the Dog Trainer College supplies its students with all the necessary provisions to correctly and efficiently train a variety of dogs in a variety settings.  It’s yet another part of your premier education at the Dog Trainer College!

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