Conifer Canine is a professional dog and handler training facility that trains your dog for both on and off leash obedience for better control and the reduced risk of liability, mainly in the field. Our experienced team has been offering professional dog training courses & canine handler certification in Missouri for over 25 years. Conifer Canine is proud to be recognized by the American Police Canine Association, the Veterans Affairs, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and others.

K9 Unit Police Dog Training School in Missouri

For police K9 training near Missouri from experienced dog trainers, Conifer Canine has a qualified staff that specializes in teaching canines how to reduce the risk of a situation in the field. We are recognized for our skills in K9 dog and handler training, as well as personnel support by the Indiana Law Enforcement Agency. Our K9 Unit dog training school near Missouri specializes in teaching structural agility, drug or explosives detection, suspect apprehension without the use of deadly force, area & building searches, handler protection
tracking / trailing and more.

Using a K9 police dog can be a psychological deterrent when arriving at a disturbance or potentially dangerous situation. We train canines in both on and off leash responses allowing our trainers to help reduce the risk of liability and gain more control of the situation at hand.

Narcotics Detection Dogs

Training of narcotics detection dogs in Missouri require experienced, qualified trainers. At Conifer Canine we offer drug dog training, drug interdiction training and the training of narcotic detection dog handlers. Our drug dog handler courses near Missouri teach, among other tasks:

  • Proper Search Techniques
  • Evidence Handling
  • Avoiding Liability
  • Case Law Involving Canine Related Searches / Prosecutions

Since your department or agency may require specific skill sets from each of your detection dogs, Conifer Canine can personalize your dog’s training. We can perform narcotics training to find certain drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, meth or heroin, as well as train your canine for passive or aggressive alert.

Explosive Detection Dogs

Bomb dogs for EDD teams are a critical piece to a successful search. The training of Ohio explosive detection dogs needs to be done by experienced and qualified professionals that can teach them to find specific formulations such as Nitrates, TNT, PETN, RDX and Chlorates. All bomb detection dogs are trained for passive alert. For explosive detection dog handlers, our courses teach the proper search procedures and techniques, along with scent theory and other practical lessons.

Security Dog Training Courses in Missouri

With crime rates at schools, special events, churches and other locations on the rise, the need for security dogs is higher than ever. At Conifer Canine we offer security dog training courses near Missouri to teach canines how to use their keen sense of hearing and smell to detect a disturbance. We also train our security dogs on safe pursuing and apprehending of suspects. When needed, security teams can be certified by Conifer Canine professionals, and in addition, we have the experience to train security dog handlers as well.

Patrol Dog Training

Having a trained patrol dog at your special event is becoming a necessity, rather than a luxury. Our professional trainers at Conifer Canine offers patrol dog training courses near Missouri along with dog handler training. These patrol dogs are trained in everything from handler protection to guarding a suspect during handler search.

Detection Dog Training Courses & Certification in Missouri

Along with our first-class handler courses and certifications, Conifer Canine also offers detection dog training courses near Missouri. We train these dogs to search cars, warehouses, schools and other areas / facilities for items such as drugs, bombs, cadavers or even bed bugs in residential buildings. We customize our training to meet the needs of each client and all dogs receive on and off leash training for basic and advanced obedience. Some detection dogs are also cross trained as tracking or trailing canines.

Cadaver (HRD) Dog Training Courses

Dog training courses for cadaver (HRD) detection near Missouri are also available here at Conifer Canine. We specialize in teaching these dogs how to find human remains by their odor, provide proofing and alerting along with problem solving. We offer both land and water theory for our cadaver (HRD) dog training courses.

Scent Detection: Bed Bug Detection Dog Training

Early detection of bed bugs is critical, especially in public spaces like movie theatres where it can be nearly impossible to detect these bugs with the naked eye. Routine inspection of hotels and other businesses or facilities can also lead to early detection and easier cleanup. At Conifer Canine, we offer bed bug detection dog training near Missouri, so you can save yourself from tearing apart rooms and accidentally looking over single bugs or eggs that lead to infestations.

Cell Phone Detection Canine Training

Correctional facilities also use scent detection dogs, and one of the most common uses is for finding cell phones. Cell phones are popular among prison contraband and are typically used for controlling activities on the outside or developing an escape plan. Conifer Canine offers cell phone detection training courses near Missouri to help correctional facilities wipe out cell phone use among their inmates.

Firearms Detection Dog Training

Airport safety is a concern among many, so it’s safe to say that public safety is attained by any means. This includes having scent detection dogs present to seek out guns and ammunition. At Conifer Canine, firearms detection dog training near Missouri is another service that we offer. Training to detect firearms and alert their handler will be second nature by the end of our program.

For more information on our canine trainer certification and dog training courses near Missouri, contact our qualified and experienced team at Conifer Canine. We look forward to working with you and / or your canines!