Since 1992, Conifer Canine has been offering superior dog and puppy training classes for all breeds. We offer professional dog training courses & canine handler certification in the Midwest with clients coming from all throughout the country to either have their canines trained or be trained themselves. We are the leading dog training venue in the Midwest and our staff and school have been recognized by the State of Indiana, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy among others.

K9 Unit Police Dog Training School in the Midwest

The training of police dogs needs to be performed by qualified trainers for the safety of yourself and others. At our K9 Unit dog training school in the Midwest, we teach canines how to respond to a variety of situations both on and off leash, to increase handler control and decrease risk and liability. The presence of the K9 Unit alone is a psychological deterrent to suspects during a disturbance or potential conflict. K9 police dog training for handlers or police departments in the Midwest includes suspect apprehension without the use of deadly force, building & area searches, tracking / trailing, handler protection, structural agility and drug or explosives detection.

Conifer Canine is recognized for their police K9 training in by several organizations including the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. The academy recognizes us in offering services such as K9 handler training, K9 training and personnel support.

Narcotics Detection Dogs

Conifer Canine also trains a variety of breeds to become narcotics detection dogs in the Midwest. The drug dog training by our team is suited to your needs and can be specified for marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth, and more. Some agencies or departments prefer their narcotics detection dogs to be aggressive, while others choose to have them trained with more of a passive alert. As for training handlers, our drug dog handler courses in the Midwest focus our teaching classes on a few key areas in addition to several others:

  • Proper Search Techniques
  • Evidence Handling
  • Avoiding Liability
  • Case Law Involving Canine Related Searches / Prosecutions

We offer drug dog training, drug interdiction training, and the training of both canine and trainer for real world situations. To have Midwest narcotics detection dogs and handlers that are properly trained, you must choose a school with experience, such as Conifer Canine.

Explosive Detection Dogs

Dogs trained by Conifer Canine to be explosive detection dogs in the Midwest are critical pieces of a bomb squad. These dogs are trained for the specific requirements of each agency / department with a passive alert. Bomb dogs for EDD teams can be designated to Nitrates, Chlorates, PETN, TNT, RDX and their derivative formulas.

Conifer Canine not only trains explosive detection dogs in the Midwest, we also train bomb dog handlers. The course for explosives handlers includes scent theory, practical lessons, proper search techniques and more.

Security Dog Training Courses in the Midwest

With a keen sense of smell and impeccable hearing, trained canines can play an important role in overall security. We offer security dog training courses in the Midwest for special events, universities, warehouses, borders, airports and more. Professionally trained security dogs can be intimidating by just being present, at times preventing disturbances. In other cases, having a security dog present can lead to safer pursuit and apprehension of suspects. Aside from training canines, we also train security dog handlers and can certify security teams.

Patrol Dog Training

With growing crime rates, patrol dogs are becoming more and more necessary. Conifer Canine offers patrol dog training courses in the Midwest for events and other purposes. We train our dogs in handler protection and attack response, suspect search, guarding of suspects during a search, detection of narcotics, bombs, etc. and other obedience and tactical training. We also offer patrol dog handler training for safe and proper care of patrol dogs.

Detection Dog Training Courses & Certification in the Midwest

Detection dog training is one of the most sought-after services that Conifer Canine offers. We train dogs to detect drugs, bombs, cadavers (HRD), bed bugs, cancer, cell phones, contraband foods and more. The methods used in our detection dog training courses in the Midwest have had proven results and are customized to the client’s needs. Detection dogs are environmentally stable and specialize in searching warehouses, schools, cars and more. Basic obedience is taught on-leash, where our advanced obedience training is done off-leash. In some cases, detection dogs can be cross-trained in patrol or tracking. First-class handler courses are also available for producing better handler / dog team results. Below are some of the possible detection training classes that your canine partner can be trained on.

Cadaver (HRD) Dog Training Courses

Scent detection dogs can be used at times for recovering cadavers. With Cadaver (HRD) dog training courses in the Midwest, Conifer Canine teaches these dogs how to find human remains by detecting their odor. Training courses also include the instruction of alerting, proofing, problem solving and how to remain obedient while separated from their handler. The training of cadaver detection dogs includes land and water, record keeping and other details.

Scent Detection: Bed Bug Detection Dog Training

Scent detection is a skill that should be professional taught. At Conifer Canine our experienced team offers bed bug detection dog training in the Midwest, along with other scents. Detection dogs can save you from having to tear apart rooms or move heavy furniture to find the bed bugs. They can detect live bugs and viable eggs, distinguishing the difference between active or past infestations. A goal of using bed bug detection dogs is also to detect their presence early. If a business or facility has had bed bugs in the past or needs routine checks like a hotel, our dogs are trained to help.

Cell Phone Detection Canine Training

Correctional facilities are having an increasing need to staff scent detection dogs. Prisoners are finding new ways to smuggle cell phones into their cells, using them for escape plans, criminal activity outside the facility and who knows what else. Because of this, Conifer Canine offers cell phone detection canine training courses in the Midwest. Just like every inmate has a use for cell phones, every item has a scent that we can train our canines to detect.

Firearms Detection Dog Training

The detection of firearms is becoming increasingly popular as companies like ours can train for it. At Conifer Canine we have the experience to provide firearms detection dog training courses in the Midwest. These scent detection dogs can sniff out guns and ammunition and are most useful in airports. Once a gun has been fired, it is even easier for a dog to detect its scent. We train our firearms detection dogs to find these weapons and alert their handler, so they may diffuse the situation.