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Dog Trainer Courses

These dog trainer courses are designed for students who desire to train dogs on a professional level.  They are collegiate-level courses that are far more than a backyard hobbyist’s level, with a focused concentration on the various aspects of training.  The Dog Trainer College has the most comprehensive dog trainer courses you will find anywhere.
Behavior and Obedience course: 6 weeks, $4500.
Behavior and Obedience course online:  length varies, $2975.
Protection Dog Trainer Course: 6 weeks, $5000.
Scent Detection Course: 6 weeks $5000, 8 weeks $5400, 12 weeks $6200.
Police K9 Instructor Course: 12 weeks, $7500.
MASTER Trainer Course: 20 weeks, $14,900.
Service Dog Trainer Course:  16 weeks, $11,500.
Cadaver Detection Course: 6 weeks, $4500.

An overview of the professional dog trainer courses offered by the Dog Trainer College!

Learn the basic foundations, real techniques and the latest dog training methods with professional dog training certification classes in Indiana fromdog trainer courses Conifer Canine’s Dog Trainer College. Experienced dog trainers teach students how to work hands-on with each canine using today’s most effective training techniques.Small class sizes, up-to-date training, progressive thought and comprehensive education ranks Dog Trainer College among the highest standards of performance in the industry. Each student leaves their classes with complete command over each training method and confidence in their skills. Confident, experienced trainers make successful canines and each student will cultivate the skills and attitudes necessary to train any dog in any field. Classes consist of lectures and discussions, field experience and practical testing, with approximately 30% of the course being classroom exercises and the remaining 70% consisting of field exercises.
Start your dog training education and become a certified, professional dog trainer. Watch the video to learn more and start your application online to register for courses. Give us a call for more information on any course and sign up today.
The Spring Semester begins March 5, 2018. Openings are currently available.  The deadline for both enrollment applications and financial aid applications (including VA education benefits) is February 19.  Space is limited. Reserve your place today.
  • Spring Semester begins March 5, 2018.  Applications must be received in our office by February 19.
  • The online course can begin anytime.
  • Summer Semester begins July 2, 2018.
  • Fall Semester begins October 1, 2018.
We have 3 semesters a year beginning in the first Monday of March, July, and October. Please note that the Master Trainer Course and the Service Dog Trainer course are only available in the March and July semesters.

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