Students may begin the course as soon as they apply and the application is approved (usually within 24 hours).  When full payment is received, successful applicants will be given a course password.  Type it in, hit enter, and spring into a world of dog training knowledge!

Students who successfully complete the course will receive professional dog trainer certification.

Dog training is a very hands-on accomplishment.  It’s one thing to know what needs to happen in order to improve the dog’s behavior (which comes from a solid grasp of training theory).  But it’s an entirely different matter to balance a leash, a treat bag, the dog, master your timing, and navigate your training area.  This is one of the weaknesses of teaching an applied skill through an online venue.  However, we’re of the opinion that we have effectively bridged that gap!  This online training course is an exceptional opportunity for those who simply cannot attend DTC in person and on-site.