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Behavior and Obedience

Behavior and obedience training is one of the most used and important training types in a dog trainer’s repertoire. Dog Trainer College’s dog obedience trainer course teaches you how to reinforce obedience, positive behaviors, and a trainable disposition in dogs so they can become loved and loyal pets. You will learn cutting-edge methods and techniques while working with a variety of dogs and experienced trainers, so you will be ready to teach and handle the types of dogs you can expect to handle in a professional dog trainer setting

Six-week course ( 240 hours) for $4900.

About our Behavior and Obedience Trainer Classes

Graduates receive certification as a professional dog trainer.

This intense, multi-faceted six-week course includes basic and advanced obedience training for many different problem behaviors and developmental issues.  You will learn about different types of canine aggression and how to curtail these behaviors effectively.  You will also learn about puppy development, house training, socialization and first aid, as well as skills you will need to run a business such as kennel management, marketing and web design.  This course meets Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm.  The start dates for this class are Sept. 30, 2019, March 2, July 6, and October 5, 2020.  Classes are held on-site at our facility near Spencer, IN.

Learn more about this course below and apply online to get started.  Sign up for top-notch dog training courses and put the newest training techniques and comprehensive knowledge to work at your new or existing dog training business.

Both financial aid and/or housing is available, if needed.  With our competitive financing options, you can take this progressive course for as little as $100/month.*  The Behavior/Obedience course is eligible to be covered by GI Bill education benefits for US veterans.

*Rates and term will vary according to individual credit score, co-signer (if any), and amount of down payment.

Dog Trainer Advice

Student analysis:  “The ration of in-class work and lectures gives you a broad knowledge of different techniques, theory, and history of the dog training profession.”

Student analysis:  “I absolutely love the hands-on emphasis at the Dog Trainer College!”

What Will This Course Enable Me To Do?

  • Learn how to work with the dog – not against him; bringing out the best in the dog
  • Understand the concepts behind efficient training and the fundamentals of conditioning
  • Create your own website that will attract visitors and establish business credibility
  • Train a variety of dogs with a variety of needs using a variety of tools in a variety of ways
  • Diagnose training problems and formulate a plan to overcome them
  • Manage a kennel operation in a clean, healthy setting
  • Grasp the proper (and improper) use of dog training aids
  • Understand the importance of socializing puppies
  • House-train dogs/puppies in the best way/s possible
  • Use social media as a means of marketing your brand/product
  • Know how a dog “pack” works
  • Identify canine behaviors and signals
  • Diagnose different kinds of canine aggression
  • Establish the foundation for beginning your own dog training business
  • Recognize a variety of breeds and their inherent differences
  • Understand the nutritional needs of the canine and how best to meet them
  • Recognize health issues of the canine and be able to administer emergency first aid
  • Understand how Search Engine Optimization works and what can be done to improve yours


  • Utilize various advertising and marketing options
  • Be able to effectively answer your client’s questions
  • Realize the many kinds of training that you may consider offering to your clients
  • Realize the need for socialization and how to be thorough in socializing puppies/dogs
  • Be able to train dogs in both basic and advanced obedience
  • Recognize canine anatomy

Behavior and Obedience Course Outline

  • Training Fundamentals
    • Conditioning
    • Phases of Training
    • Correction vs. Reward
  • Obedience
    • Basic and Advanced, On/Off Leash
    • Proper use of a Prong collar
    • Proper use of a Remote collar
    • Clicker Training
    • Baiting/Luring
  • Canine Development
    • Puppies
    • Housetraining
    • Socialization
    • Canine Anatomy
  • Canine Behavior
    • Analysis
    • Problem Prevention
    • Treatment
    • Breed Awareness
    • Dog-to-Human Aggression
    • Dog-to-Dog Aggression
  • Canine Health
    • Nutrition
    • Canine CPR
    • Canine First Aid
    • Kennel Management
  • Business Integration
    • Website construction
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media
    • Advertising and Marketing
  • Final Exam and Certification

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