With their keen sense of smell, tracking and locating abilities, dogs are uniquely suited to helping police in crime scene investigations, missing person cases and forensics. Dog Trainer College’s cadaver dog trainer course shows students how to train dogs in locating human remains in all types of situations and during investigations of all types.

Watch the online videos to learn more about our dog training courses. Apply online and sign up today to become a cadaver dog trainer.

This course is available only in the Spring and Summer semesters.  It is included in the Master Trainer course.  The Cadaver Detection class begins on April 18 and August 15, 2022 at our training center near Spencer, IN.  Both financial aid and/or lodging is available, if needed.  You are welcome to bring your own dog/s with you in the course.  With our competitive financing options, you can be a part of this amazing course for only $110/month*.  

The course meets M-F from 9am to approximately 4pm (depending upon class size, weather, number of dogs to train, etc).

*Rates and terms will vary according to individual credit score, co-signer (if any), and amount of down payment.