The protection dog trainer course includes canine behavioral education and obedience training, as well as skills needed to properly and effectively train personal protection dogs.  The course is taught from a balanced training approach.  Personal protection uses the art of controlled aggression and allows the dog to use his power, athleticism and acute senses in a defensive situation.  As a protection trainer, you will learn about the equipment, first aid, training techniques and scenario training used to develop protection behavior.

Learn how to train guard dogs and protection dogs and sign up for the course today. Apply online, watch the videos to take an inside look into the classes and contact us for more information.

Please note:  All students in this course will be involved as a decoy, helper, and handler.    This will include bite-work with dogs in real-life settings.  While safety measures will be in place, injury and/or death is a possibility.  Those who are unwilling to be involved in this element of training should not apply to the Protection Dog Trainer course.

This program meets M-F 9 to approximately 4pm (depending upon class size, weather, number of dogs to train, etc). at our facility near Spencer, IN.  This class begins February 27, July 5, and October 2, 2023.

Graduates receive certification as a Protection Dog Trainer.

Both financial aid and/or lodging is available, if needed.  With our competitive financing options, you can take this awesome course for as little as $125/month.*  Sorry, we do not accept VA education or Voc Rehab benefits.

*Rates and terms will vary according to individual credit score, co-signer (if any), and amount of down payment.