Scent detection is an invaluable skill developed in dogs that allows them to show owners and handlers the location of illegal substances, bodies, missing persons and explosives. Using the dog’s keen sense of smell, they can be trained to locate items in nearly any environment and from a distance. Through the scent detection dog trainer course at Dog Trainer College, students will gain dog training certification and will learn the skills and proven techniques necessary to train scent detection dogs.  The course is taught from a balanced training approach.

Apply online and sign up for the scent detection dog trainer course today.   Both financial aid and/or lodging is available, if needed.   With our competitive financing options, you can take this awesome course for as little as $93/month.*  Sorry, we do not accept VA education or voc rehab benefits.  You are permitted to bring your own dog/s with you during the course.

The course is four weeks in length and is available only in the Spring and Summer semesters.  However it is included in the K9 Instructor and Master Trainer courses.   The Scent Detection class begins on April 10 and August 14, 2023.  Custom start dates are available for groups.  Groups of 5 or more qualify for a group discount.  It is in session Monday – Friday from 9am to approximately 4pm(depending upon class size, weather, number of dogs to train, etc) at our facility near Spencer, IN.