Dog Trainer Certification School in Fort Wayne IN

Don’t risk using an untrained canine for critical tasks in the field, as this could result in dangerous situations with increased risks of liability. For over 25 years, Conifer Canine has been providing professional dog training courses & canine handler certification in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We offer basic to advanced obedience and behavioral training for all types of dogs. If you are looking to become a certified dog trainer or handler in Fort Wayne, IN, those are services we offer as well. Conifer Canines is recognized by several organizations including the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, the State of Indiana and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

K9 Unit Police Dog Training School in Fort Wayne, IN

The simple presence of a police dog can be a psychological deterrent when handling a potentially dangerous situation or arriving at an in-progress disturbance. Recognized by the Indiana Law Enforcement Agency, Conifer Canine specializes in personnel support, as well as K9 dog and handler training for tasks including suspect apprehension without the use of deadly force, building & area searches, tracking / trailing, handler protection, structural agility and drug or explosives detection.

At our K9 Unit dog training school near Fort Wayne, IN, we are sure to train police dogs in both on leash, and off leash responses. This reduces liability and increases the control handlers have during each situation. Choose Conifer Canine for police K9 training in Fort Wayne, IN and across the country.

Narcotics Detection Dogs

Drug dog training and drug interdiction training in Fort Wayne, IN is one of the many specialties of Conifer Canine. We can focus on specific skill sets for your narcotics detection dogs based on the requirements of your department or agency. Not only do we train narcotics detection dogs, but also drug dog handlers. Our drug dog handler courses near Fort Wayne, IN teach, among other tasks:

  • Proper Search Techniques
  • Evidence Handling
  • Avoiding Liability
  • Case Law Involving Canine Related Searches / Prosecutions

Explosive Detection Dogs

Conifer Canines also trains explosive detection dogs near Fort Wayne, IN. Our bomb detection dogs can be trained to find specific formulations including Nitrates, Chlorates, PETN, RDX, TNT and more. Training of explosive detection dogs uses a passive approach and can be altered to fit the needs of your department or agency. For bomb dog handlers, our courses cover techniques of a proper search, scent theory, practical lessons and others.

Security Dog Training Courses in Fort Wayne, IN

Conifer Canine also trains dogs for security purposes. The training of security dogs is a safer way to pursue and apprehend suspects with their keen sense of smell and hearing, along with their obvious speed. Aside from diffusing situations already happening, the attendance of our security dogs is at times, enough to deter suspects from committing a crime. Security dogs are great for use at special events, borders, executive protection and more. Along with our security dog training courses near Fort Wayne, IN, we also offer dog handler training and the ability to certify security teams.

Patrol Dog Training

Patrol dog training courses near Fort Wayne, IN are also available here at Conifer Canine for special events. We train dogs in detection, obedience, suspect search, guarding of suspects during a search and handler protection. Handler protection training can include response to commands, or instinctual response with command when the handler is unable to provide one. We can also train patrol dog handlers for proper safety and techniques.

Detection Dog Training Courses & Certification in Fort Wayne, IN

For detection dog training courses around Fort Wayne, IN, Conifer Canine specializes in teaching the detection of contraband foods, bed bugs, narcotics, cadavers and explosives among many others. We also offer first-class handler courses allowing for a strong and more comfortable handler / dog team. Our dogs are trained to search vehicles, outdoors, warehouses, schools and other areas. Conifer Canine detection dog training near Fort Wayne, IN supplies on and off leash obedience training and the use of detection dogs has had proven results.

Cadaver (HRD) Dog Training Courses

Recovery of human remains can be difficult to detect without the keen sense of smell in canines. Detecting odor, alerting, canine obedience and proofing are some of the skills taught during Conifer Canine’s cadaver (HRD) dog training courses near Fort Wayne, IN. Courses also include land and water training, along with record keeping.

Scent Detection: Bed Bug Detection Dog Training

Canine scent detection is among the most popular uses for trained detection dogs. At Conifer Canine, we offer bed bug detection dog training courses near Fort Wayne, IN, specializing in the detection of both live bugs and eggs. Detecting these pesky bugs early is key, especially for public spaces like hotels, universities and theatres. Our dogs are trained to detect bed bugs early during routine inspections, without having to tear apart rooms and move clunky furniture around.

Cell Phone Detection Canine Training

The use of scent detection dogs in correctional facilities is growing more popular. Inmates use cell phones to control criminal activities outside the prison, or even to establish escape plans, and they are extremely easy for prisoners to smuggle into their cell. We use our cell phone detection canine training courses near Fort Wayne, IN to detect and remove this contraband, allow the correctional facility to regain some control.

Firearms Detection Dog Training

Airports are one of the most common facilities to utilize firearm detection dogs. With their ability to sniff out guns and ammunition, we expand on those senses and train our canines to alert their handler. Conifer Canine offers firearms detection dog training courses near Fort Wayne, IN to improve public safety. Although previously fired guns are much easier to detect, we train canines to find brand new guns as well.

To get started with training your canine for patrol, detection, security or the K9 unit in Fort Wayne, Indiana, contact Conifer Canine of Spencer, IN. We are leaders among the dog trainer schools across the country, as well as dog trainer / handler certification. Conifer Canine is looking forward to working with you and / or your dog(s)!