This seminar is for those who are passionate about the German Shepherd Dog. Conifer Canine has been involved in German Shepherd breeding and training since our inception. Our owner/founder, Tim Miller, has been training GSDs and other breeds since 1992 and breeding GSDs since 1993. With this background, we are offering a seminar about the German Shepherd Dog.

German Shepherd seminar

This will be a big morning of all things German Shepherd!  Saturday, January 20, 2024 9am-12pm.  Learn about the origin, Max von Stephanitz, a look at individual dogs that contributed to the breed’s mistakes and/or strong points, early history of the breed, the role of politics’ influence on the breed, major bloodlines, faults and successes of this amazing breed, as well as the GSD’s current role/s in the world.  We’ll look at several changes that have taken place since the breed was created. 

The seminar will be held at our training facility at 717 Beaver Hollow Rd, Spencer, IN.

This seminar is especially helpful for GSD breeders, enthusiasts, owners, those who are considering purchasing/adopting a GSD and those who are zealous about the breed.  Seminar led by our owner/founder Tim Miller, CMDT. Cost to attend:  $39. Preregistration by Jan. 6 and prepayment are required.  No refunds for missed classes or tardiness. Preregister by emailing  info@conifercanine.