Papua | Security Dog Training and Dog Trainer School

Needing a security dog or police K9? Conifer Canine can help! Law enforcement, constabulary, and security professionals admire our ability to train both them and their dogs! These dogs can be shipped internationally.

  • Executive Protection
  • Business and/or Home Protection
  • Religious events
  • Universities

Handler School

Our handler school empowers handlers in their knowledge and hands-on ability. Groups of 5 or more are eligible to receive a class discount.

High Performance Standards

Our operational procedures are some of the highest performance standards in the industry.  Our goal is to excel – and encourage our K9 teams to do the same.  Mediocre teams jeopardize security and therefore should be discarded or started anew.

Security Dogs

Our security dogs will have stable temperaments, mentally and physically prepared for the job at hand, be current on vaccinations, hips/elbows dysplasia-free, and be in general good health. Both domestic and/or European imports are available.

  • Explosive detection
  • Handler protection
  • Contraband detection
  • Man-trailing
  • Criminal apprehension

Contact us to discuss the needs of your Agency: or call 1-812-650-2394

Want to Become a Dog Trainer?

Consider our dog trainer school. Eight courses are available as well as lodging for students.

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