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Police K9 Instructor Course

Six week course (240 hours) is $5700

Police dogs working as K9 units, tracking dogs, scent dogs and other service dogs are among the best trained canines active today. These dogs are trained to workPolice Officer and K9 Dog alongside officers in finding and apprehending suspects, detecting dangerous substances and keeping communities safe. Dog Trainer College provides the instruction needed to make successful police dogs, military dogs, and security dogs through the Police K9 Instructor course.

Students will learn how to train all the behaviors needed in effective police dogs and/or military working dogs.  Our police dog trainer school provides a full focus upon K9 training and includes basic and advanced obedience as well as practical hands-on lessons in tactical insertions, report writing, case law and more.  You will learn about training equipment, record keeping, tracking, explosives and narcotics detection, drive development, first aid and much more. Using real-life situations, trainers will learn what it takes to train effective K9 units from the start to finished product.  Students desiring to train pet dogs, handle canine behavioral issues, and hone business ownership skills may add-on the Obedience/Behavior course, which begins six weeks prior to the K9 Instructor course.

Learn how to train police dogs, tracking dogs, scent detection dogs and more. Graduates will be ready to hit the ground running and start training active police/military/security dogs upon graduation.  The K9 Instructor course excludes Human Remains Detection and Search/Rescue (these skills are included into the Master Trainer Course).

Graduates receive certification as a K9 Instructor.

Apply online today and reserve your place in this second-to-none course.  Classes in this course begin April 12, 2019.  Applications must be received in our office no later than two weeks prior to the start date.  Custom start dates can be arranged for groups.  A group discount is available for groups of 5 or more.  This course meets Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Both financial aid and/or lodging is available, if needed.  With our competitive financing options, you can take this awesome course for as little as $139/month.*

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What will this course enable me to do?

  1. Learn how to work with the dog – not against him; bringing out the best in the dog
  2. Understand the concepts behind efficient training
  3. Diagnose training problems and formulate a plan to overcome them
  4. Recognize health issues of the canine and be able to administer emergency first aid
  5. Select solid candidates for Police K9 dog prospects
  6. Understand how to train the detection dog from start to finish
  7. Enhance the dog’s drives
  8. Conduct practical agility
  9. Instruct handlers, K9 supervisors, and the K9
  10. Handle tracking/trailing dogs dependably
  11. Recognize canine behavior on the track
  12. Engage and neutralize a suspect
  13. Recognize inferior qualities that would hinder reliable K9 work
  14. Understand how genetics, upbringing, and training technique will influence the final product
  15. Recognize the variety of equipment used in K9 training
  16. Utilize equipment effectively, properly, and safely
  17. Learn how to be a great decoy (helper, agitator)
  18. Teach tracking/trailing searches in various environments
  19. Learn about Osphresiology and how it affects the search
  20. Utilize patrol containment techniques
  21. Conduct SWAT operations with the K9
  22. Understand the need for real-life training and certifications
  23. Understand how genetics, upbringing, and training technique will influence the final product
  24. Recognize the variety of equipment used in K9 work
  25. Utilize equipment effectively, properly, and safely
  26. Comprehend case law that affects utilization of a K9

Police K9 Instructor Course Outline

  • Obedience
    • Basic and Advanced, On/Off Leash
    • Tactical Obedience
  • Canine Health
    • Nutrition
    • Canine CPR
    • Canine First Aid
    • Kennel Management
  • Teaching Practical Agility
    • Confidence Development
  • Scent Theory
    • The Trailing Dog
    • Narcotics and Explosives Detection
  • Selection of K9s
    • Puppy
    • Adult
    • Testing necessary drives
  • Drive Development
    • Puppy development
    • Prey Drive
    • Defense Drive
    • Hunting Ability
  • Training the Search (Narcotics & Explosives)
    • Imprinting Target Odor
    • Simple Direct Association
    • Deferred Response
    • Other Detection Training Methods
    • Search Methods
    • Vehicle Searches
    • Building Searches
    • Teaching the Alert
    • Problem Solving
    • Proofing
  • Protection Equipment
    • Bite Sleeves
    • Bite Suit
    • Muzzles
  • Decoying Techniques
    • Proper Handling Techniques
    • Agitation
    • Working the Grip
    • Target Biting
    • Channeling Drives
  • The Trailing Dog
    • Scent Theory
    • Variable Surface Trailing
    • Scent Discrimination Trailing
    • The Bark Alert
    • Problem Solving
    • Patrol Containment Techniques
  • Suspect Apprehension
    • Building Searches
    • Open Area Searches
    • K9 Swat Integration
    • Problem Solving
  • Police K9
    • Case law
    • Tactical Insertions
    • Search & Seizure
    • Real-life Scenario training
  • Final Exam and Certification


*Rates and terms will vary according to individual credit score, co-signer (if any), and amount of down payment.

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