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We are serious breeders of working German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Our breeding dogs/bitches are European imports who have proven the ability to be a working dog. We typically have a litter or two of GSD pups per year and one Malinois litter per year.  Our focus is producing a well-balanced dog that is healthy and temperamentally sound. We have sold to many individuals from coast to coast in the US. Our pups/dogs are working with law enforcement agencies, security professionals, as well as filling the role of personal protectors. If you would like to get on our waiting list for a German Shepherd or Malinois puppy, there is a $300 non-refundable deposit to hold your pup. Contact us.

We have some GSD pups available. DOB February 22, 2023. These are from our Milka and Thiago, both amazing dogs themselves. $300 deposit to hold. Pups are up to date on shots, vet-checked, and socialization has begun. These parents have produced confident family companions as well as protection dogs, drug dogs, cadaver dogs, and breeding prospects. The litter has a 0% inbreeding coefficent through at least 9 generations. Contact us for your next pup!

German Shepherd puppy Indiana
Semtex is a sable/red male, energetic, handler-attentive, and will do well in an active home! Companion male. $1000 + tax.
German Shepherd puppy male
Sven, a sable/red male, amiable and active but also able to settle down, companion male $1000 + tax.
German Shepherd female
Salsa is a female sable/red protection prospect. Inquisitive, confident, active. $2000 + tax.

We have some very nice Malinois pups from our Malu/DiOGi breeding. Born 2/12/22.

Female, Athena, companion juvenile, very sweet and beautiful, $3000. Obedience training has begun.

Anja, female working prospect. Anja is balanced in life but serious in work, $4800.

working dual purpose malinois for sale
Agent is a working prospect male Malinois puppy born 2/12/22, will be available as a finished dual-purpose dog. So much like his daddy, with a balanced temperament, Agent’s bitework and detection work is well under way.

Puppy prices and info:

Companion German Shepherd puppies (at 8 weeks of age) are $1000 + tax. Working prospect puppies (at 8 weeks) are $2000 + tax. (What’s the difference between Companion and Working puppies?) Our puppies include a hip/health guarantee. Pups are released at 8 weeks of age. For those purchasing a pup prior to 8 weeks old, a deposit of $300 will hold your pup. In the event the preferred sex of the puppy is not available in this litter, the deposit will be refunded; otherwise deposits are considered non-refundable. Prices subject to change without notice, although never after a deposit is received.

Working German Shepherd

We breed healthy parents from proven working bloodlines to produce strong, healthy pups of stable temperaments and solid nerves. Our goal is to produce a real German Shepherd; adding to this prestigious breed, never taking away. Our pups are prospects for personal protection, obedience and/or agility, ScH, PSA, Police patrol, military working dogs, narcotics or explosives work as well as super family companions.

We usually whelp one or two litters a year. Occasionally we have older German Shepherd puppies for sale or young adult German Shepherds available (see our DogBlog article on easily bonding with older puppies or young adults). Puppies are released at 8 weeks of age, after having been examined by a licensed veterinarian, receiving their second shots, and receiving many hours of observation and interaction. They will be well on their way towards house-training and socialized to as many things as possible for their age.  Check back often to see if we have any German Shepherd Dogs or Puppies for sale.

T-shirts for Sale

Conifer Canine has uniquely-designed t-shirts representing a variety of dog training disciplines. One design includes a common saying around here: Excellence Travels Down the Leash. Another design is directed towards those who do decoy/helper work, with both a realistic yet humorous definition of the decoy. Another is for those who love K9 work: intensity, passion, lifestyle. And our newest shirt is for lovers of the German Shepherd: everything else is just a dog. Various sizes and colors available. Shipping is available.

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