Dog Trainers Must Deal With People Too

Most people who are dog trainers chose that profession because they enjoy working with dogs.  Working with dogs is certainly an important desire for dog trainers.  Sometimes prospective trainers do not realize that training dogs also involves training people.  A large part of a successful dog training business includes interacting with humans as well as… Read more »

Choosing a dog: a look at pedigrees.

Selecting a dog can be a big task for some.  This article looks at the subject from the pedigree side of things.  Are pedigrees important?  What should I look for? Use a dog’s pedigree as a tool.  Keep in mind that a pedigree is not a guarantee that your dog will perform like its predecessors. … Read more »

Guard Dog Training Expectations

Ever wondered what to expect when you consider taking your dog to a guard dog training facility?  This article should help. First, you can expect to wade through plenty of confusion and misconceptions.  Unfortunately, this will be the case.  There are tons of opinions and preferences online as well as in individual trainers.  So…how do… Read more »

Security Dog Misconceptions

A professionally trained security dog is a cost-effective and invaluable addition to a security team.  With the canine’s scenting ability, formidable reputation as a defender, agility, and his willingness to work with mankind, a security dog is an asset.  Many pay for themselves.  Today’s criminals are becoming more intelligent and more malicious than in the… Read more »

Fully Operational Training Facility

If you have been on our website or visited our Blog, you’ve already heard of the many perks of attending the Dog Trainer College.  But here’s one that may not have hit you yet. Students who attend the Dog Trainer College are able to acquire a top-notch education while observing a fully operational dog training… Read more »

Applied Training Experience

Those who wish to train dogs on a professional level will need a large amount of experience.  Each one of the courses offered at the Dog Trainer College are purposely designed to be largely hands-on; roughly 70%.  A solid dog trainer certification course will include practical training experience. It is true that a good trainer… Read more »

Police Dog Training

How the police dog is trained matters greatly.  Great police dog training will enhance the team while poor training habits will weaken the team.  Just like muscle memory in firearms training, both the handler and the dog will resort to the habits that have been developed in training, whether good or bad, whether helpful or… Read more »

Police Dog Training Records

Record keeping is critical to team improvement as well as legal protocol.  This article deals primarily with training records of the K9 team.  Police dog training records provide a record of performance. Training records can help to guide our training.  If the handler/trainer sees a particular problem in a repeated exercise, one or the other… Read more »

Expectations from a Conifer Canine dog training program

What can a client expect from a Conifer Canine dog training program? Thanks for asking! #1 Each client can expect top-notch dog training services.  Our experience and knowledge will be striving to bring out the best in your dog.  The best in one dog may or may not be as solid as other dogs.  For… Read more »

Tips on Preventing Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a concern in all breeds, but especially large breed dogs.  We have assembled a short list with some tips on preventing hip dysplasia.  Implement this article to reduce the risk and also to reduce the pain of a dog who has the disease. A good breeder will do their homework to greatly… Read more »