Common Mistakes Dog Trainers Make

Dog Training TipsWhen you’re learning how to become a dog trainer, it is important that you form solid and reliable training methods from the beginning.

There are certain practices that dog trainers should avoid in order to become effective, respectable trainers.

Length of Training Sessions

Many dog trainers, especially when starting out, have a habit of holdings extremely short or extremely large sessions. In reality, training a dog successfully will take numerous training sessions. Training results are a result of time spent.  Long training sessions can result in dogs growing bored and disinterested, while short training sessions don’t give a dog enough time to digest information.

Assuming Dogs are Similar

Every dog is different and it is vital that as a dog trainer, you’re aware of that. Different training methods will work for different dogs. Most dogs needs to be trained differently; some training methods are going to work for certain dogs while others might not. Different practices will help you to best train different dogs, and sometimes, it’s important to find out what works best for the dog that you’re training.

Avoid Raising Your Voice

Dogs do not react well to getting yelled at, and a raised voice is not going to improve a dog’s ability to learn. Although being a dog trainer can get frustrating if you have a dog that is learning slowly or struggling to comprehend things, getting louder will result in no improves. Being stern with a dog is one thing and is sometimes necessary but raising the actual volume of your voice will not be productive.

Using Physical Actions

As a trainer, it is vital that you do not use physical force to adjust or change a dog’s position or action. You are training someone else’s dog, making you responsible for that dog. Physical corrections will backfire long term, resulting in a dog that is frightened and scared of human contact. Although the training process can get exhausting, it is vital that you practice patience and professionalism.

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