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Caring for Your Dog During the Summer

Caring for Your Dog During the Summer

There’s no more denying it, summer is officially upon us! It’s time to get outside, soak up some sun, and enjoy the summer weather. Just like you take care of yourself during hot summer months with extra water and sunscreen, it’s important to look after your dog too. Here are some tips for caring for… Continue Reading

Dog Shedding Tips

     Shedding can be a cause of frustration for many dog owners.  Dogs shed for a number of reasons.  A common reason is simply the change of seasons.  The amount of daylight and the temperature affect shedding.  Indoor dogs will usually shed more regularly with less seasonal shedding.      Stress is another factor to shedding. … Continue Reading

How to Choose a Dog Food

We often get asked, “What is a good dog food?”  Or, “how do I choose a dog food?” First, you have to realize that the dog food industry is a huge marketing endeavor.  Millions of dollars are poured into TV and magazine ads that pull at the dog owner’s emotions.  You see the little dog… Continue Reading

Housetraining Headaches

One of the major concerns of pet people is house-training their dog/s.  Some dogs naturally make it an easier experience.  Some breeds are more prone to house-training problems than others.  Smaller dogs tend to be harder to house-train (as a general rule) than larger ones. Puppies who have been raised on puppy pads, newspapers, or… Continue Reading

Spay or Neuter

Should you spay or neuter your dog?  This is a common concern we hear from our clients. That’s usually a good sign of responsible dog ownership so we’ve constructed this article to help. First off, spaying and neutering is a surgical procedure that removes (or least restricts) the dog’s reproductive organs and therefore prohibits the… Continue Reading

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