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The Incredible Utility of Scent Detection Dogs

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The array of canine capabilities in this world is vast, but one of the most astounding skills lies in their ability to detect and differentiate between thousands of scents. This remarkable talent has been harnessed to train scent detection dogs, a category of working dogs that serve in various critical roles across society. Their work… Read more »

4 Facts About Scent Detection Dogs

Scent Detection Dogs

A dog’s sense of smell is like no other. Dogs are widely used for scent detection work around the globe because they are reliable, versatile and cost efficient. Scent detection dogs are used in a variety of different industries and dogs trained to detect explosives are now the largest group of working scent-detection dogs in… Read more »

4 Dog Breeds with the Best Sense of Smell and a Nose for Detection

Top Breeds for Scent Detection Dogs

All dogs have a superior sense of smell compared to humans and can oftentimes sniff out scents that would be impossible for us to detect. However, some in particular are adept at sniffing out scents which makes them perfect in detection fields or as service dogs.  While there are several breeds which are well-known for… Read more »

What to Know About Detection Dogs

Nose of a Scent Detection Dog

Dogs are amazing creatures and the epitome of man’s best friend. Loyal to the end, dogs make great friends, family members, and in the case of detection dogs, partners in solving crime. Detection dogs are trained to alert their handlers to target scents, among which include drugs, explosives, firearms, and criminal evidence. These amazing canine… Read more »

Highlighting Dogs with a Great Sense of Smell

Dogs Sense of Smell

Most dogs have a good sense of smell but some breeds in particular have an incredible sense of smell. Specific breeds of dogs are often trained to be “working dogs” because they have an exceptional sense of smell that assists them in the field. Here’s a look at some of the dog breeds that are… Read more »

A Nose for Scent Detection: Dogs with the Best Sense of Smell

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Human beings may have higher intelligence and opposable thumbs, but the dogs have us beat in one category: their sense of smell. Dogs are guided by their sense of smell. Some breeds of dogs have over 220 million olfactory receptors. Humans only have 5 million. We may have invented airplanes and iPads, but dogs are… Read more »

Five Scenarios for Scent Detection Dogs

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A strong and developed sense of scent allows dogs to lead their handlers to the locations of different types of items. Regardless of location or distance, a canine handler needs to be able to work with their four-legged partner to find a difficult-to-find item or person. But what kind of situations should you prepare for… Read more »