4 Facts About Scent Detection Dogs

A dog’s sense of smell is like no other. Dogs are widely used for scent detection work around the globe because they are reliable, versatile and cost efficient. Scent detection dogs are used in a variety of different industries and dogs trained to detect explosives are now the largest group of working scent-detection dogs in the world. Here are some facts you should know about scent detection dogs. 

Scent Detection Dogs

Scent Detection Dogs are Effective Bomb Detectors 

Explosive detection dogs are commonly found at airports, seaports, border crossing points, events, and urban areas. Dogs are considered the most effective bomb detectors because of their pristine sense of smell. Detection dogs will assist people around the world by screening the millions of people, goods and cargo crossing international borders. 

Detection Dogs Can Find Masked Scents 

A detection dog can not only recognize specific smells, but they are able to find these scents even when they are masked by other odors. Dogs are unique because they can smell in layers. Since they can smell this way, they are able to differentiate between multiple smells while still targeting the specific scent. On top of being able to target specific scents, dogs can search an area up to four times faster than humans can. Plus, they do so with greater accuracy. 

Detection Dogs are Trained to Detect Multiple Scents 

The job of a detection dog is to detect target scents and alert their handlers to it. Dogs can sniff out various scents because of their incredible sense of smell. Some of the main scents that detection dogs are trained to seek out include drugs, explosives, firearms, criminal evidence, money, and others. 

Certain Breeds Are More Well Suited for Detection Work 

If you ever see a detection dog, then you’ll notice that they are usually the same few breeds. That’s because only a handful of breeds are well suited for detection work. Some breeds include Spaniels, Labradors, and German Shepherds. You’ll more commonly see Shepherds as police dogs because they were one of the first breed to be trained for the job. Shepherds are also commonly used as scent detection dogs because they are known to be very intelligent, and can quickly learn and obey. 

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