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Why German Shepherds Make Good Police Dogs

German Shepherd Indiana

When we think of police dogs, the image that often comes to mind is that of the proud German Shepherd. This breed has become synonymous with law enforcement duties around the world. But have you ever stopped to wonder why that is? It’s certainly not a coincidence. There are several key traits that make these… Read more »

The Benefits and Purposes of Outcross Breeding

outcross breeding

We should probably begin by stating that the purebred dog today is stuck in a genetic bottleneck (that’s not to say that mixed breeds are healthier; they may be but may not be).  In laymen’s’ terms, this bottleneck results in poor health, bad temperament, and genetic diseases.  It stems from too much Inbreeding and Linebreeding… Read more »

Most German Shepherds will need Professional Training

German Shepherd

As a breed, German Shepherds are known for their intelligence, agility, stability, and their strong work ethic.  These capabilities allow them to do some rather amazing things.  These same capabilities can also create problems if they are not handled correctly or sufficiently. That’s where training comes into play. Most, if not all, German Shepherd dogs… Read more »

The Decline and Resurgence of the German Shepherd Dog

As a breed, the German Shepherd Dog has had a lot of problems in recent decades.  This is primarily due to poor breeding practices and the lack of understanding of the breed among owners.  Whether it is inbreeding, genetic bottlenecks, health problems, temperament issues, it has led to the decline of popularity of the German… Read more »

How to Live with a Working Dog

So, you have decided or may be deciding to get a working dog.  If you’re ready for it, this is one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make.  If you’re not ready for it, it can be one of the most frustrating things you’ve ever done.  Let us give you some words of tried/true wisdom!… Read more »

German Shepherd Temperament

After earnestly working/breeding/training German Shepherds for at least 30 years, Max von Stephantitz wrote, “I cannot remember a single shepherd dog who was not in love with children.” That is a far cry from where the breed is in America today.  Unfortunately, many GSDs cannot be trusted around children.  The reasons for this are numerous… Read more »

Major Bloodlines of the German Shepherd Dog

There is probably more variety among the various bloodlines of the German Shepherd Dog than any other breed.  There are obvious differences in body structure and aesthetics.  But the largest difference is the temperament.  Some will disagree with the following statements and that’s ok.  The article is an attempt to give insight for those who… Read more »

Purchasing Older Pups as Working Dogs

This article is not for folks who want/have a pet puppy.  Rather, it is directed towards those wanting a future working dog.  If that’s you, read on and save yourself some money, time, and frustration. Many people short-circuit their working dog goals before they ever get their new pup home.  Why?  They purchased a young… Read more »

The German Shepherd – Breeding is Everything

So many things are affected by dog breeding, good or bad.  This is true with the German Shepherd and most – if not all – other breeds as well.  Since we have bred GSDs for nearly 30 years, we’ll take a look at this subject with the GSD in mind.  Much of the same can… Read more »