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Three Goals that we have for our Graduates

When the staff at Conifer Canine got together to create the Dog Trainer College, we had very clear goals in mind.  We wanted to produce graduates that not only know what they are doing as trainers but also excel in their skills.  Our dog trainer courses revolve around providing three necessities for becoming a well-rounded,… Read more »

The Vital Work of Police Dogs

A police German Shepherd sits in front of a police officer

Police Departments have used dogs in various capacities dating back hundreds of years. In recent years, the role of these dogs – also known as K9s – has become more clearly defined in police departments across the United States and world. Most police dogs come from the same few breeds that have consistently possessed the… Read more »

The Perks to Becoming a Certified Dog Trainer

A dog instructor holds a ball in the palm of her hand while a small dog looks on

Becoming a certified dog trainer is a process that requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and discipline. It’s not something just anyone can do – you have to be ready to make a major investment of your time. But it’s so worth it once you’ve completed the journey – there are so many perks… Read more »

Job Opportunities for Certified Dog Trainers & Handlers

If you’re considering joining a dog trainer or handler program, you are probably asking yourself “What happens after graduation?” or “Will there be job opportunities?”. While these are valid questions to be asking yourself, you’ll be happy to note there are more than enough jobs available once you complete the program of your choice, and… Read more »

In-Person vs. Online Dog Trainer Courses

If you’re interested in becoming a dog trainer but are unsure if an in-person or online training course is right for you, we invite you to learn a little more about each to see which fits your needs and busy schedule best. Although in-person courses are typically the preferred option because of the hands-on training… Read more »

What You’ll Learn in Detection Dog Training

Joining a detection dog training program will give you the ability to train dogs in a wide variety of detection methods. Whether you’re looking to become an expert trainer of drug dogs, bomb dogs, cadaver dogs or want any other detection training, a detection dog course will aide you in becoming an expert in your… Read more »

Is Master Dog Trainer School Right for You?

If you’re interested in becoming a dog trainer and can’t decide on your area of study, consider a master trainer course. Master dog trainers separate themselves from other trainers, as they have a wealth of knowledge in nearly every dog training technique, work with a wide range of dogs and have the hands-on experience needed… Read more »

Reasons to Become a Service Dog Trainer

If you have a passion for animals and helping others, a career as a certified service dog trainer may be right for you. As a service dog trainer, you will learn how to properly train these incredible dogs and will have them prepared to work with their future handlers. This is a very fulfilling career… Read more »

What You’ll Learn in a Behavior & Obedience Dog Trainer Program

No matter what specific dog training you’re interested in, you’ll need to use proper behavior and obedience techniques to have dogs work with you in a positive manner. Understanding why dogs act the way they do, what motivates the dog into acceptable action, and how to make corrections to their behavior is essential for a… Read more »