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Fear and Fear Aggression in Dogs

Timidity, shyness, and outright fear is a common malady in dogs.  It’s not their fault; they either have poor genetics, have been abused, or have been improperly socialized (all human-caused problems). Dogs are commonly scared of men (they are seldom fearful of women), slippery floors, children, other dogs, crates, different ethnic groups, grabbing a collar,… Read more »

Dog Trainers Teach Dogs (and Owners!)

Dog Trainer Courses Indiana

If you are thinking about becoming a dog trainer, or are currently enrolled in dog trainer courses, then you’re already halfway there—yes, we said halfway. Part of being a dog trainer is, of course, working with the dogs and understanding their behaviors. But the other part is working well with the dog owners. Keep in… Read more »

Students Gain Training Skills, Dogs Gain Life Skills

Dog Giving Trainer a High Five

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a dog trainer, now is the time to start! When you sign up for lessons at Dog Trainer College, you’ll gain training skills while dogs gain life skills. You’ll work hands-on with experienced master trainers and with the dogs themselves.  These lessons will give you the opportunity to learn… Read more »

Why “Sit” Matters in Dog Training

Teaching Your Dog to Be Obedient Starts with Sit

Many know of the traditional “sit” command, but not many know why it’s essential for successful dog training.This simple exercise serves as a stable foundation for all obedience training. Why is “sit” so important for dogs to learn? During the training process, dogs are able to make the connection between the “sit” command and being… Read more »

Helping Dogs Manage Big Crowds

Tips on Training Dogs

If you’ve ever been stuck in the middle of a crowd, you’ve probably felt anxious about dealing with them at some point and you’re not alone! Many dogs also tend to feel anxious in crowds and struggle to deal with a large amount of unfamiliar people.  Their natural instinct is that this number of strangers… Read more »

Common Mistakes Dog Trainers Make

Dog Trainer Tips

When you’re learning how to become a dog trainer, it is important that you form solid and reliable training methods from the beginning. There are certain practices that dog trainers should avoid in order to become effective, respectable trainers. Length of Training Sessions Many dog trainers, especially when starting out, have a habit of holdings… Read more »

Training Relies on a Trainer’s Skill, Not Just the Dog

When a police dog aids in a drug bust or helps to locate a missing person, the dog’s talent and skill for what they do is often praised, but the truth of the matter is that the dog’s trainer is equally deserving of praise. Just like professionals in any field need to train and gain… Read more »

Spring Training: Not Just for Baseball Fans

Spring is in the air, and you know what that means – spring training! But we’re not just talking about baseball players. Spring season is a good training time for dog trainers, too. At Dog Trainer College, we offer a comprehensive six-week behavior and obedience training course to get you started on your path towards… Read more »

Becoming a Master Dog Trainer

If you have ever wanted to become a master dog trainer, then your opportunity has finally arrived. At Dog Trainer College, we will teach you all the skills you need to be the best dog trainer you can be through our master trainer program. This incredibly comprehensive learning opportunity presents you with the chance to… Read more »

Five Scenarios for Scent Detection Dogs

A strong and developed sense of scent allows dogs to lead their handlers to the locations of different types of items. Regardless of location or distance, a canine handler needs to be able to work with their four-legged partner to find a difficult-to-find item or person. But what kind of situations should you prepare for… Read more »