Students Gain Training Skills, Dogs Gain Life Skills

Dog Giving Trainer a High FiveIf you’ve always dreamed of becoming a dog trainer, now is the time to start! When you sign up for lessons at Dog Trainer College, you’ll gain training skills while dogs gain life skills. You’ll work hands-on with experienced master trainers and with the dogs themselves.  These lessons will give you the opportunity to learn the valuable techniques and methods you need to teach dogs a variety of skills, from basic behavior and obedience to specialty skills like protection, service, cadaver detection, scent detection and police K9.

Some of the benefits of training for dogs include:

  • Improved socialization: Your dog will be able to enjoy outings to the park, the hiking trail and more once he knows how to properly behave around people and other dogs.
  • Bonding: As she learns obedience, your dog will bond with you.  Disobedient dogs can wreak havoc on a human-canine relationship.
  • Lifesaving: A dog who will come to you when called, and who understands commands like “wait” and “stop” is going to be safer. Otherwise, your pup could bolt out the door during a thunderstorm or run into the path of a car.

There are also benefits for humans to become a trainer:

  • Flexibility: Working as a dog trainer allows you to work around your own schedule.  This is very handy for vacations and family days.
  • A sense of accomplishment: Teaching dogs vital skills has a tangible, immediate payoff.  Seeing dogs who are slated for euthanasia turn into stable members of the family is a sight to behold!
  • You get to work with dogs! No explanation needed if you already possess the passion to train 🙂

We think that dog training is among the most fulfilling things you can do. But don’t take our word for it—apply to become a dog trainer today and discover the joy of working with pups and dogs as they develop important life skills.