How to Change a Dog’s Behavior

A dog can experience an array of emotions and several levels of energy throughout the day, which can sometimes get them into trouble. Here are a few ways that you can help your dog be on their best behavior!

Reward the good

Your dog needs positive reinforcement when they are on their best behavior because they will understand that the two actions are connected. As we mentioned in our last blog post about why “sit” matters,  dogs are conditioned to repeat self-rewarding actions, meaning that rewarding the good behavior will encourage them to keep doing so.

Stick to the rules

A dog won’t know how to behave unless there are rules to follow and that those rules are consistent. Everyone in the house should be enforcing the same rules and encouraging good behavior. Don’t let there be a good guy that let’s your pup on the couch or feeds them food from the dinner table if you don’t want that to be a norm.

Increase exercise and play timeTips for Training Your Dog

If you’re noticing that your loyal companion has a lot of energy and is getting pretty rambunctious, it means that they’re not receiving enough exercise. Dogs become bored easily and if your home doesn’t have a lot of room for them to play, then they don’t have anywhere to put their energy. Add in an extra walk, play fetch in the yard, or take them on an adventure to the dog park so that they’re as tired as you are at the end of the day.

Training is another successful way of changing your dog’s behavior. Dog Trainer College is the ultimate training resource with basic and advanced dog obedience training and also the most elite classes to become a professional dog trainer. Learn the skills needed to train your dog and other dogs in the future by giving us a call at 812-650-2394!

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