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How to Change a Dog’s Behavior

Tips for Training Your Dog

A dog can experience an array of emotions and several levels of energy throughout the day, which can sometimes get them into trouble. Here are a few ways that you can help your dog be on their best behavior! Reward the good Your dog needs positive reinforcement when they are on their best behavior because… Read more »

Clicker Training

A clicker can be a useful training tool, if used correctly.  At one point, the clicker was thought of as a fad or gimmick.  However, its usefulness and effectiveness have been proven.  But, contrary to what some trainers proclaim, clicker training isn’t for everyone or for every dog. The clicker is simply a device or… Read more »

Five Skills You’ll Learn in a Master Trainer Course

You may decide to become a master dog trainer for various reasons. Whether you are joining the master training program to learn how to train tracking dogs, protection dogs, obedience dogs or service dogs, the Dog Trainer College is ready to educate you on how to work with a variety of canines for a wide… Read more »

Improve Dog Behaviors and Obedience with Our Training Course

There are many reasons why you might want to learn how to improve dog behaviors and obedience. Whether you are a police officer or security personnel, a new dog trainer, a kennel owner or work with personal protection dogs, a professional dog training course provides you with the fundamentals on how to train a dog… Read more »