Five Skills You’ll Learn in a Master Trainer Course

Master Training Courses You may decide to become a master dog trainer for various reasons. Whether you are joining the master training program to learn how to train tracking dogs, protection dogs, obedience dogs or service dogs, the Dog Trainer College is ready to educate you on how to work with a variety of canines for a wide array of purposes.

Through our master trainer program, you will gain hands-on, comprehensive experience and learn from professional dog trainers who will help you become an effective and confident dog trainer yourself. Five of the top skills you will learn during the master dog trainer program include:

Bringing Out the Best in the Dog

Our expert trainers will help you learn how to work with the dog, not against them. To do this, you will learn the concepts behind efficient training and the fundamentals of conditioning, and then apply your knowledge by training with a variety of dogs. By the end of the course, you will understand how a dog “pack” works, which will give you an advantage in training basic and advanced obedience skills. Plus, you’ll learn how to use the equipment necessary in training service, protection and tracking dogs – all necessary in bringing out the best in your canine.

Diagnosing Training Problems

Not all training will go smoothly, that’s why the Dog Trainer College helps you see any problems and finds a plan to overcome them. You will learn to identify canine behaviors and signals so you can recognize a problem that may also be a type of canine aggression. Socializing and house-training puppies is key to avoiding long-term behavioral issues, which is why socialization is a big focus of the master trainer program. Plus, you will use training aids and learn both the proper and improper use of them to help you correct bad behavior, allowing you to remedy disobedience and move forward with effective training.

Learning About Breeds

Each dog breed has inherent differences, including nutrition, personality, skill and health. In the master trainer program, you will learn how best to meet different breeds’ needs by learning about their anatomy, health issues and genetics. Different canines require adjusted training techniques and unique approaches to make them a successful dog for your purposes. Dog Trainer College will help you understand how to select dogs and puppies to best match the duties that you’re training them for.

Establishing Your Own Business

To create a successful dog training business, you will need to know how to manage a healthy, clean kennel, effectively answer your clients’ questions, and install and operate a productive puppy training program. Enrolling in the master trainer program will teach you more than just how to work with dogs, but also how to manage your own operation, including utilizing various advertising and marketing options to promote the type of training you would like to offer to your clients. Plus, you’ll also learn all the ins-and-outs of establishing and setting up your new business.

Specialized Skills

The master trainer program also allows students to learn the fundamentals needed to train dog in a full range of specialized courses. Take your knowledge far beyond basic obedience with lessons looking at service dogs, K9 dogs, security and protection dogs and much more. Our courses also introduce students to the fundamentals of the law where it relates to dogs, such as ADA requirements and K9 unit responsibilities.

Students participating in the master trainer program will learn much more than just these skills during the intensive 20-week course. Take a look online to learn even more about the program, or to learn how to enroll, call the Dog Trainer College today at 812-650-2394.