Five Reasons Dog Trainer College Tops the Competition

Dog Trainer College is where people who love to train dogs come to learn the art of dog training from certified professionals in this very unique industry. There are many competing schools that claim to offer the most comprehensive and in-depth training, but there are many reasons why Dog Trainer College stands apart from any other training program out there.

Seeing Eye Dog TrainingLearn How to Train Exceptional Dogs

The trainers who complete our courses go on to teach a full range of skills and abilities for dogs in a variety of situations. Our trainers work with seeing eye dogs and animals that aid people with PTSD, anxiety or depression, as well as animals that work with police as patrol dogs or cadaver detection units. Students can also become master trainers – capable of training a wide variety of dogs – or focus on obedience training to help everyday pet owners have happy and well-behaved dogs at home.

Security and Police Dog Training

We also teach trainers who go on to train police and security dogs that are oftentimes responsible for solving a case or keeping people safe. Scent and cadaver detection dogs are often used in criminal cases, and security and K9 units can often be called on to help chase down suspects. This means that we’re dedicated to giving our trainers the most thorough and rewarding courses possible to ensure that they are prepared to train every dog to be the most capable and reliable animal possible.

On-Site, Hands-On Training

Our courses offer on-site, hands-on training, which means our trainers work directly with trainers in training and dogs, rather than spending a majority of time in the classroom. While some of our work is instructional, we believe that the most valuable knowledge is gained through hands-on experience and actually seeing training in action.

Student Housing

Dog Trainer College offers student housing options for those aspiring trainers who are coming from out of state, so you don’t have to worry about finding a temporary place to live. Learn more about our student housing here.

Financial Aid

We offer a number of financial benefits to our students, including in-house financing options, partnerships with Tuition Financing Corporation and benefits through the GI Bill and other Veteran Affairs programs. We can work with any student to help create financing plans that work for their individual situation. Check out our financing page for more information.

To learn more about Dog Trainer College or to find out more about enrollment, call us today at 812-650-2394.

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