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The “New” Canine Respiratory Virus

canine respiratory virus

You’ve probably heard that there is a canine respiratory virus going around in various parts of the country.  The subject can certainly be unsettling.  Some media reports seem to suggest a dramatic worldwide epidemic (time will tell if they are correct or not) with words like “killer virus” or simply “mysterious.”  But catchy titles and… Read more »

What is Balanced Dog Training?

dog trainer college

There is a lot of rhetoric out there about balanced dog trainers.  For those who are willing to learn, let us try to help sort through the malaise. First, it may be best to briefly discuss a noisy minority faction within dog training.  These trainers swear that positive reinforcement, with no forms of correction, is… Read more »

A Balanced Approach to Dog Training

Conifer Canine’s Dog Trainer College

Here at Conifer Canine, we utilize a balanced approach to dog training.  Balanced dog training means that the trainer/s uses both reward and correction.  In dog training theory, we would say that the trainer uses both positive reinforcement and positive punishment. A balanced approach is not only the most effective in dealing with most dogs,… Read more »

How Technology Could Teach an Old Dog New Ways

Technology can teach old dogs new ways

People have been using the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” for years now. It suggests that, by the time a person or pet reaches a certain age, they can’t be taught to change their behaviors and learn new ways to act. But a study that was done in Vienna, Austria recently… Read more »