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Dumb Comments about Protection Dogs

In our years of dog training experience, we’ve heard a lot of questions and comments about training and dogs in general.  Some of it is outright laughable and at other times it can be frustrating.  Here are a few. “My protection dog needs to be black/red.”  Yes, admittedly, there are color preferences among dog owners… Continue Reading

Top Traits of a Good Protection Dog

There are more and more people turning to dogs for protection these days. Whether it’s because they own a large home or have children that they want to protect, protection dogs can provide their owners with the sense of safety and security they need. From German shepherds and Rottweilers to Japanese Akitas and Tibetan mastiffs,… Continue Reading

What Goes Into Training a Protection Dog?

What Goes Into Training a Protection Dog?

Training a protection dog may seem, at first glance, to be similar in approach as training a police or even a hunting dog. The truth is, though, that the training involved with these different dog specialties are very different concepts. A successful canine protection dog trainer ensures that their canine counterparts trust their owners and… Continue Reading

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