Why Security Dog Training is Vital Work

A security guard and his dog

Everyone is likely familiar with K9 officers, better known as police dogs. These highly trained animals assist police with a variety of tasks and are used by departments across the country. However, are you also aware that security firms use dogs for similar functions? There are thousands of security dogs across the country that do all kinds of vital work to keep people safe.

Of course, there would be no security dogs without qualified professionals to train them. It’s an important job, without which many public spaces, events, and functions would be a lot less safe. Here are some examples of the important work that is enabled by security dog trainers:

Sniffing for Dangerous Substances

Security dogs are often used at large events and festivals. In some cases, there may be hundreds or even thousands of people walking around in a relatively small area. Unfortunately, some would see this as an opportunity to do something terrible. But a properly trained security dog is able to detect any explosives and cue security personnel of their presence. They can also sniff out drugs, if need be. In fact, just having the dogs around can be a deterrent since most people know how incredible the sniffing abilities of these dogs can be.

Search and Rescue

In addition to preventing problems, these tremendous animals can also help find someone who is missing just by smelling a previously worn article of their clothing, or no article at all. They’ve helped locate people of all ages who have gone missing – from children who have been kidnapped to elderly folks who have wandered off.

Variety of Uses

Security dogs are employed in many different settings. They can be used to prevent theft at warehouses and construction sites, deter crime at sporting events and other large gatherings, add a layer of security for important clients, and are always a psychological deterrent to crime.

All of this important work is enabled by those who train K9 dogs. If you’re interested in becoming a K-9 instructor, Dog Trainer College is the place to go. The cost for the six-week onsite course is $5,700 or $3,500 for the online version. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 800-795-4201 today!