Why a Personal Protection Dog?

Protection dogs use their keen sense of smell, acute hearing, and (it seems in many cases) a sixth sense of intuition, to keep their owners safe 24/7/365.  Nothing else compares!   

As good as other means of personal protection are, they are limited:

  • Video cameras only record the event; they do not prevent the event
  • Firearms are only effective when the victim is awake and coherent
  • Bats and 2x4s work in very close range and require great speed and accuracy
  • Alarm systems inform you that the attacker is already in the house

Protection dogs give the widest path of warning and therefore give the targeted victim more time to act/react prior to the predator’s strike (ever notice the military using dogs on patrol? Dogs are proven to be successful in preventing unwanted events).  These amazing dogs wake their owners from a deep sleep before the predator gets through the window during the night.  They alert to faint sounds of a door being pried open before entrance is accessed.  They see the shady character hiding behind the pump at the gas station. They notice movement behind the bushes and hear muffled footsteps approaching.

personal protection dogs

A look at recent statistics probably gives the greatest answer to “Why a Protection Dog?”

  • A break-in takes place every 26 seconds in the US
  • 66% of burglaries are home invasions
  • The percentage of rapes that occur because of a home invasion incident: 60%
  • Most home invasions take place in broad daylight
  • 20% of Americans will become victims of home invasions
  • Most criminals are looking for “soft” targets
  • According the FBI, violent crimes are on the increase
  • 95% of surveyed burglars avoid targeting homes with a large, unwelcoming dog
  • A protective dog in the home prevents more intrusions, even more than when the intruder knows there is a weapon in the home AND when the intruder knows there is a security system in the home

Personal protection dogs provide an added layer of safety.  We recommend more than one layer, of course.  We’re just saying that dogs are an extremely valuable asset in the all-important goal of personal security.

Just like with any form of protection, training is needed.  Here, we’re particularly speaking of the human training (we, of course, will provide top-tier training for your dog).  Our protection dog packages include hours of handler training, so the human knows how/when to competently handle the dog.

Honestly, personal protection dogs are not for everyone.  In fact, protection dogs – due to the nature of the service they provide – are more active, appear overreactive at times, need mental and physical stimulation, and can be intimidating.  Additionally, to be effective, they spend very little time in crates, are often with the family on all their adventures, and are present with the family almost 24/7.

Most protection dogs are very family-friendly, even with children.  In fact, many parents purchase a protection dog for the precise reason of protecting their children.  In an era where kids are preyed upon by depraved predators, a well-bred, well-trained dog can provide that extra layer of prevention and protection.

Conifer Canine offers family-friendly protection dogs to Indiana and literally the entire US.  If you live in/near Indianapolis, Louisville, Kentucky, Chicago, Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri, Columbus, Ohio, Detroit, Michigan, or anywhere in the US, we can help with your needs of a protection dog.  We have provided dogs from coast to coast.  Delivery of the dog to your location is available as well.  For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 800-795-4201.   We’ll be glad to answer your questions and point you in the right direction for your specific protection dog needs.