3 Reasons to Join a Protection Dog Trainer Program

Two Protection Dogs Behind a Fence

Protection dogs are extremely important as they are trained to protect people and property from dangerous situations that may arise.

While they certainly can provide companionship like other dogs, they also have the ability to warn people when something dangerous is about to happen and can act in a way that will help ward off those who may be looking to do harm.

If you have been contemplating becoming a dog trainer but are unsure of which specialty to choose, protection dog training is a fulfilling and rewarding option.

In this post we will discuss a few reasons why becoming a protection dog trainer may be the perfect move for your future.

You’ll learn from experts, get hands-on training

While it may be obvious, joining a protection dog training program will have you set up for success in the real world, by allowing you to learn firsthand from experts in the field.

Students will get hands-on experience with expert trainers, and dogs, from day one, learning about equipment, first aid, basic training techniques, scenario training and more.

By working with experts, you should be able to confidently train all types of dogs to protect people, estates and more.

You’ll learn how to control a dog’s aggression

The goal of this course is to train a dog in the art of controlled aggression. As a trainer, you will need to show the dog how to use its strength, athleticism and instincts to protect their owner in a defensive situation, while also being able to rein in those traits when they aren’t needed.

You’ll gain a close bond with each dog

As protection dog training is some of the most complicated training a dog can go through, it takes the perfect combination of proper training and the right dog to create a successful protection pup.

Because of this, the trainer and dog forge a special bond throughout the training process that is built on trust, respect and understanding.

As a protection dog trainer, you need to be sure the dog understands what is being asked of him or her completely for them to have success in the future.

Should you be interested in becoming a protection dog trainer, and feel this program will be beneficial to your future, we invite you to apply for our six-week protection dog trainer course at Dog Trainer College.

Located in Spencer, IN, our protection dog training course will have you prepared for anything that may come up when training protection dogs long into your future. For more information on our upcoming courses and how to sign up, give us a call today at 800-795-4201.