Become a Master Trainer – No, Not of Pokémon, of Dogs!

Have you been playing Pokémon Go? If so, you could be well on your way to becoming a master trainer. But in real life you can’t really make a living being a Pokémon trainer, but you can definitely become a master dog trainer!

Here are four ways being a master dog trainer is better than being a Pokémon Go trainer:

Dogs Are Cooler than Pokémon

Working with dogs on a daily basis is a dream come true for many dog lovers, and unlike Pokémon, dogs can love you right back with lots of tail wagging and affection! Pokémon might be cool to collect on your phone, but there’s nothing quite like interacting with real dogs on a daily basis and seeing them learn new skills and tricks.

Dog TrainingHelp to Train Service Dogs

As a master dog trainer, you’ll be responsible for training the next generation of service dogs. Our training courses at Dog Trainer College will teach you the techniques you’ll need to properly train tracking dogs, protection dogs, obedience dogs, service dogs and more. So not only will you be spending the day with dogs, you’ll be helping to train dogs that will spend their lives dedicated to protecting and caring for their humans and other members of the community.

Become an Elite Trainer

The people who train elite dogs obviously need a bit of training themselves, and that’s what we’re dedicated to doing at the Dog Trainer College. Becoming a master dog trainer means you can make a living from training different kinds of service dogs that will spend their lives helping and protecting their humans. But you won’t just be teaching dogs to not pee in the house – you’ll be teaching them how to work as service animals with the police or to help with tracking as cadaver or scent detection dogs.

Hands-On Experience

Only about 30 percent of each of our courses is taught in a classroom, while the remaining 70 percent consists of field exercises and hands-on learning. Our classes will start you out learning the basic foundations of dog training, and then advance into the latest dog training methods. You’ll learn these methods and techniques from experienced trainers, helping you understand the importance of each aspect so that you can take the knowledge home to start your career.

Once you complete your course schedule with us, you’ll be a trained, certified, confident trainer. Our slate of courses means you can find the training specialty that you prefer and receive engaging, hands-on experience combined with classroom education to make sure that you’re ready to be the very best trainer you can be!

Dog training is a great way to make a living, and you’ll be spending your days surrounded by man’s best friend. What could be better than that?

For more information about the courses available through Dog Trainer College or to find out how to enroll, call us today at 812-650-2394.

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