Why “Sit” Matters in Dog Training

Many know of the traditional “sit” command, but not many know why it’s essential for successful dog training.This simple exercise serves as a stable foundation for all obedience training.

Why is “sit” so important for dogs to learn?Teaching Your Dog to Be Obedient Starts with Sit

During the training process, dogs are able to make the connection between the “sit” command and being rewarded, whether that be with a treat, toy, or petting. Since dogs are conditioned to repeat actions that are self-rewarding, this simple command proves very valuable, even after training. It also doesn’t take much to excite a pup, so “sit” comes in handy when there are guests at the house or when the mailman makes his daily delivery.

“Sit” also enhances a dog’s self-control.

Once a pup understands that adhering to this simple command results in good things, it can then be used in other situations. The core lesson of this command is sitting and holding that position until released, which improves self-control.  A dog that hears “sit” before being thrown a ball or before going through any door way will be practicing self-control with every action.

There are many instances where “sit” is beneficial.

“Sit” is important when going for a drive in the car in order to keep your dog controlled while in the vehicle and when arriving at your destination. Also, this command can be utilized when on a walk and the dog is either approached by a stranger or another dog that’s excited to meet them. Allowing the dog to sit will offer a calmer greeting for both dog and guest.

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