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Three Goals that we have for our Graduates

When the staff at Conifer Canine got together to create the Dog Trainer College, we had very clear goals in mind.  We wanted to produce graduates that not only know what they are doing as trainers but also excel in their skills.  Our dog trainer courses revolve around providing three necessities for becoming a well-rounded,… Read more »

Benefits of Online Dog Trainer Courses

A woman works on her computer

So much has changed about how we live our lives in the past few years. One of the major changes has been the ability to do so many more things virtually than we had in the past. School, work, and many other things can be down from the comfort of our own homes. Dog training… Read more »

What to Do Before Becoming a Certified Dog Trainer

A woman trains a dog to take a ball

Becoming a certified dog trainer seems like the perfect job for so many canine lovers. But just because you are a lover of animals does not mean you will enjoy being a dog trainer or thrive at it. Still, many others will succeed if they choose to take that path. It takes a lot of… Read more »

The Benefits to Becoming an Obedience Dog Trainer

A trainer handles two small dogs

Some people are meant to work with animals more than their fellow humans. There are a lot of jobs that offer you the chance to work with animals, dogs in particular. But few of those jobs offer you the kind of benefits you’ll get as an obedience trainer. Here are some of the benefits to… Read more »

The Importance of Service Dogs and Those Who Train Them

A small dog guides a man across the street

The use of service dogs in America has increased over the years as our understanding of their utility evolves and the benefits they provide become clearer. Currently, there are estimated to be more than half a million of these dogs working in the United States, helping those who are suffering from a variety of ailments… Read more »

What Makes a Good Dog Trainer?

A dog listens intently to its trainer

It almost goes without saying that being a dog trainer is a very cool job. You get the satisfaction of helping people and animals and get to spend your days working with the best clients of all: dogs. While the job may appeal to a lot of people, it’s not for everyone. There are certain… Read more »

Will I be Able to Train Dogs after I take a Trainer Course

Occasionally someone will ask, “Will I be able to train dogs after I take a trainer course?” We know the vast amount of effort and material that is put into our dog trainer courses, so we want to give a resounding, “Yes.” Yet, the adage sneaks into the equation.  “You can lead a horse to… Read more »

Choosing the Right Dog Training Course

If you’re interested in becoming a professional dog trainer and are having a tough time figuring out which dog training course is right for you, there are several popular programs that our students have enjoyed and gained professional careers from. Three of our more popular courses are behavior and obedience training, master training and police… Read more »

What You’ll Learn in Detection Dog Training

Joining a detection dog training program will give you the ability to train dogs in a wide variety of detection methods. Whether you’re looking to become an expert trainer of drug dogs, bomb dogs, cadaver dogs or want any other detection training, a detection dog course will aide you in becoming an expert in your… Read more »